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"A Comparison of Rubies and Pink Sapphires"

Discover the stunning beauty of pink sapphires and rubies at Ralph Mueller & Associates. Learn the difference between these two fantastic gemstones, and explore our vast collection of exquisite pieces. From the subtle hues of pink sapphires to the dark fire of rubies, we have something for every discerning collector. Visit us today to discover the perfect addition to your collection.

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"A Comparison of Rubies and Pink Sapphires" All Entries

Image of The Difference Between Pink Sapphires and Rubies
With both stones belonging to the same mineral family, it is only color that sets the ruby and pink sapphire apart.

Both rubies and sapphires belong to the corundum family and share the same chemical composition and structure. These two stones are set apart only by color.

There are many different shades of pink sapphires, ranging from magenta to light pink and it is the concentration of chromium present in the stone that determines the intensity of the shade. With increased levels of chronium the stone turns red and becomes classified as a ruby.

Strictly speaking only corundums that present as distinctly red qualify as rubies, although there are those who also think of an orangey-red or purplish-red corundum as a ruby. None the less, any corundum in a color other than red, is a sapphire.

Considering that most humans have a different perception of color, it can sometimes prove challenging to make a precise distinction between a pink sapphire and a ruby. As such the call is typically up to a trained gemologist who inspects the stone and gives it a color grade.

The color saturation of a blood red ruby is extremely rare which causes it to reach a much higher price point than a pink sapphire. Whilst a pink sapphire may not be as rare or as expensive as a ruby, being so closely related it is one of the rarest, and most expensive in the sapphire family.

At Ralph Mueller & Associates in Phoenix, Arizona you can rely on our team to expertly guide you through the process of choosing between a pink sapphire and a ruby. Our team can also advise on oil and heat treatments that are available to enhance the clarity and color of these stones.

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