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What Are Pink Sapphires and What Should You Know About Them?

Ralph Mueller & Associates has the answers you need about pink sapphires. Learn about the colors and subtle variations found in pink sapphires, their value and rarity, and what to look for when shopping for this beautiful precious gem. Get expert advice from the knowledgeable staff at Ralph Mueller & Associates, who can help you choose the perfect pink sapphire for you.

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What Are Pink Sapphires and What Should You Know About Them? All Entries

Image of What You Want to Know About Pink Sapphires
Pink sapphires are becoming increasingly more popular for their beauty, exclusivity, and durability.

When you think ‘sapphire’ your thoughts may immediately shift to the color blue. This is understandable as the name “sapphire” derives its meaning from the Latin term “saphirus” and the Greek term “sapheiros”, both of which mean blue. However, keep in mind that sapphires present in an array of colors, with the pink sapphire being a favorite among many, including us at Ralph Mueller & Associates in Phoenix, Arizona.

The pink sapphire is the rarest type of sapphire and is predominantly found in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and the mines of East Africa. Given how rare the pink sapphire is, it can come with a hefty price tag, especially as the size of the stone increases. Other criteria that have an impact on the price tag of a pink sapphire are color, clarity and cut.

The durability of the pink sapphire is right up there, ranking 9 out 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. The only mineral harder than a sapphire is a diamond, ranking 10 out of 10. With such a high ranking on the Mohs scale, the pink sapphire is well protected from scratching, breaking, chipping and cracking and easily withstands polishing and everyday wear.

Gemstones have always been looked at for their spiritual meaning and the pink version of September’s birthstone is no exception. Pink sapphires are synonymous with beauty, wisdom, purity, elegance, femininity and love.

With such strong symbolism of love, the pink sapphire is traditionally used in celebration of the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary. Given the symbolism and tradition associated with this breathtaking stone, it is no wonder that the pink sapphire has become such a popular choice for engagement rings. If the idea of a pink sapphire engagement ring appeals to you, look no further than Ralph Mueller & Associates.

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