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3 Alternatives to Pink Gemstones That Are More Affordable Than Diamonds

If you love the glimmer of pink gemstones, but are looking for something more affordable than diamonds, Ralph Mueller & Associates has you covered! Our selection of 3 alternatives to diamonds includes Morganite, Tourmaline, and Quartz. Morganite is a rare pink beryl stone that is considered the "pink emerald." Tourmaline is a multi-colored gemstone with shades of pale pink to intense hot pink. Quartz is available in a variety of pink shades with affordable price points. Discover your perfect pink gemstone today at Ralph Mueller & Associates.

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3 Alternatives to Pink Gemstones That Are More Affordable Than Diamonds All Entries

Image of Pink Gemstones Just As Beautiful As Pink Diamonds
Pink sapphires, morganites, and pink tourmalines are all beautiful options that can provide a similar look to pink diamonds at a fraction of the price
When it comes to romantic gifts, you can't go wrong with a pink gemstone. It's a popular choice for engagement rings and is often gifted for anniversaries and birthdays too. Pink is associated with femininity, romance, care and tenderness. It invokes feelings of happiness and playfulness, perfect for boosting confidence. 

Although pink diamonds are the most desirable among pink gemstones, due to their scarcity they're also the most expensive, often making them unaffordable for many buyers. 

When it comes to finding a cheaper alternative to pink diamonds, there are a few pink gemstones that come to mind. Pink sapphires, morganites, and pink tourmalines are all beautiful options that can provide a similar look to pink diamonds at a fraction of the price.

Ralph Mueller & Associates is pleased to offer a range of jewelry items in pink sapphire, morganite and tourmaline at our store in Phoenix, Arizona.
Pink sapphires are usually cheaper than pink diamonds. Since they are also tough, they make good everyday jewellery. The colour of pink sapphires can range from pale pink to raspberry, while the colour of a pink diamond is usually light pink. Sometimes, it's difficult to tell them apart at first glance because they both have a similar hue. However, at closer inspection you'll notice that each one has very specific subtleties that make them unique. Pink sapphires are typically found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Australia whilst pink diamonds are found in a few locations around the world, including Brazil, South Africa, and Canada.
Morganite is typically less expensive than diamond. This is because it's not as durable and isn't in high demand like diamond. However, there are some advantages of morganite over diamond. For example, morganite can be more brilliant and colourful than diamond and for some people, it's more interesting-looking. Apart from this, because morganite isn't in as high a demand as diamond, it makes a great choice for jewellery when you want to stand out from the crowd.
Both pink tourmaline and pink diamonds are relatively rare, making them both good choices if you're looking for a pink gemstone. Pink tourmaline is typically more affordable than pink diamonds, although there are always exceptions depending on the quality of the stone. Pink diamonds on the other hand tend to be more durable than pink tourmaline, meaning they're less likely to scratch or chip over time. Both stones are beautiful and have their own unique benefits, so it really comes down to personal preference in the end.

Thanks to their affordability, pink sapphires, morganite, and pink tourmaline are all beautiful gemstones that offer something different than a diamond. A sapphire can range in price from $30 to $100 per carat, while morganite ranges from $20 to $50 per carat. Tourmaline is the cheapest of the three, at prices that start at only $10 per carat. All these gemstones are perfect for those who want the look of a rosy-pink gemstone but don't want to spend a lot of money on it.


Pink sapphires rank 7 on the Mohs scale. This means they're fairly hard and resistant to scratching, but they can still be scratched or chipped if hit hard enough. Morganite is a bit less durable, ranking around 6-7 on the Mohs scale. Pink tourmaline is one of the hardest gemstones out there, coming in at a 7-8 rating on the Mohs scale.


One of the reasons pink sapphire is a popular choice for jewellery is that it is durable and gorgeous, with a range of colours from pale pink to deep purple. Morganite is not as heavily-used because it is softer and more fragile, but it can still be beautiful with its peach-pink hue. Pink tourmaline provides the most variety in colour, ranging from deep pink to fiery hot pink.


One of the reasons that pink sapphires are popular is their clarity. Pink sapphires typically have few inclusions and this leads to bright, clear stones. Much like sapphires, morganites are also known for their excellent clarity. In fact, many people say that morganites are more translucent than most sapphires. Tourmalines tend to vary from stone to stone with some being better than others in terms of clarity.
There are many beautiful pink gemstones that make wonderful alternatives to diamonds. They are often more affordable, and just as sparkly and eye-catching. If a pink diamond isn't in your budget, one of the pink gemstones discussed in this article will make an excellent alternative. All three are beautiful and unique; it just comes down to personal preference when deciding what gem to buy. 

Ralph Mueller & Associates has gorgeous jewellery at our store in Phoenix, Arizona, with a variety of items in pink sapphire, morganite and pink tourmaline. Come visit us today, we are open for business!