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What to Know When Buying Jewelry with Multiple Gems

What to Know When Buying Jewelry with Multiple Gems

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What to Know When Buying Jewelry with Multiple Gems All Entries

What to Know When Buying Jewelry with Multiple Gems

Why pick just one gem when you can have two? The concept of jewelry with multiple gems goes back to ancient times, when gems were associated with spirits. Today multi-gemstone rings and necklaces are still popular, as it gives us an opportunity to create artistic variety and provide one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Gem Traditions and Symbolism

Every gem has a history that reflects how culture has viewed it as an artifact, which has often been associated with beliefs of magic powers. Aquamarine, for example, was once used by sailors to protect against dangers found at sea. Pink sapphire was traditionally associated with emotional healing. Rubies were a reflection of power and royalty.

Today most of these historic associations are regarded as folklore, yet they still have a cultural impact. Birthstones are particularly meaningful to families. Since jewelry is a popular choice for gifting, choosing stones based on their traditional virtues can be a way of personalizing a present or providing well-wishes to the object of one's affection. 

Artistic Elegance

In a sense, mixing gems is like mixing messages. But it can also be viewed as experimenting with unique color schemes with attractive combinations to craft compelling customized jewelry. Many times the more unique a gift it is, the more it conveys special meaning to the recipient. 

A multi-gem stone can display different colors, which is very eye-catching when it blends with shiny metals like gold and silver. Some people like to customize jewelry to have one primary color with different shades, such as blue or green sapphire mixed with aquamarine. Another idea for inventive color schemes involves matching jewelry with your wardrobe.

Custom Fancy Designs

Whenever you want to divert from the mainstream and make jewelry stand out as unique you should consider working with a custom designer. You may have many ideas on what type of jewelry looks best on you, but struggle to find something to suit your wishes. That's when it's time to seek a skilled jewelry designer who can help your dreams materialize.

When you customize jewelry, you don't need to worry about rules or trends, other than the design should not become too complicated. Certain materials must be cut specific ways to be viable, so sometimes you have to make those concessions. Otherwise, it's up to your personal taste if you want to create a necklace with different types of beads and pearls or a ring with contrasting gems. The key is to come up with a sketch of your idea to help the designer visualize the same concept you do.

You can create stunning diverse jewelry when you go with a customized solution. Mixing gems together is a common practice for arriving at innovative designs, so don't be afraid to experiment with your own custom jewelry piece. Contact us at Diamond Buyers of Arizona to learn more about how we can help you connect with the beautiful jewelry you desire.