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How to Maximize a Jewelry Buyer Quote

How to Maximize a Jewelry Buyer Quote

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How to Maximize a Jewelry Buyer Quote All Entries

How to Maximize a Jewelry Buyer Quote

The best way to hunt for the gems of your dreams is to get a jewelry buyer quote for each item on your wishlist from a reputable jeweler. Then study the list and your budget to determine the best choice that fits your dreams and your budget. Here's a look at how getting jewelry quotes from a seasoned, prolific jeweler saves you time and money.

What Goes Into a Jewelry Buyer Quote

Whether you decide to buy jewelry for personal satisfaction, a gift or an investment, it's always helpful to start with a jewelry buyer quote. It will give you a frame of reference and ballpark figure for how similar jewels might be priced in the market.

Jewelry quotes are formulated from a series of evaluations that determine a jewel's market value. Some of the top considerations for pricing of all jewelry include authenticity, condition, weight, and aesthetic appearance. When it comes to diamonds, the biggest factors are the 4Cs: color, clarity, cut and carat. Other gems use similar grading scales. For precious metals purity, condition, and weight significantly matter, along with current commodity prices.

Many jewelers employ gemologists to evaluate their products using tools such as microscopes and scales. Additionally, gemologists make educated objective opinions about certain grading factors of jewelry, such as the amount of flaws called inclusions in a diamonds.

Approaching a Reputable Jeweler

While many professional jewelers, such as Ralph Mueller & Associates, are members of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), there are also many jewelry sellers who operate outside of the industry. Be careful of a jewelry seller who has never heard of GIA or offers a deal that seems too good to be true.

You don't want to overspend on synthethic jewelry designed to look authentic. Certain synthetic jewels that are mass produced actually look brighter and more colorful than the gems they imitate. But synthetic jewelry is usually much cheaper by the fact that it's mass produced, whereas rare authentic gems are difficult to extract from the environment.

If you don't see a GIA report on the gem, you cannot really be sure if it's authentic or not. Antique jewelry is harder to evaluate for various reasons, since condition is a major factor - unless it was worn by a celebrity, which can skyrocket its value regardless of its condition.

Buying and selling jewelry through online auctions is an option, as long as the seller provides certified proof of the gem's evaluation. In the auction system, instead of quotes, buyers and sellers negotiate through bid and offer spreads.

Securing Jewelry Buyer Quotes

These days it's easy to get direct jewelry quotes online from high-quality/high-quantity sites that provide search tools. Using customized features helps you find certain types of jewelry by material, stone and minimum or maximum price. Without these tools, you can otherwise spend hours searching through a vast inventory of amazing jewelry, which many collectors enjoy.


Once you get a jewelry buyer quote, see how it compares with other prices in the market. Working with an experienced jeweler who participates in a global marketplace will help you find the best prices. Contact us at Ralph Mueller & Associates for more information on buying charming jewels with reliable value and authenticity.