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Customize Jewelry With Alexandrite Stones

Customize Jewelry With Alexandrite Stones

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Customize Jewelry With Alexandrite Stones All Entries

Customize Jewelry With Alexandrite Stones

For centuries, alexandrite stones have been associated with balance, strength, healing, and peace. These rare beautiful stones shift in color depending on the angle and light source, often between green and red. They are celebrated as June birthstones and for 55th anniversaries. Here's a look at the possibilites involved with customizing alexandrite stones.

Amazing Color Changes

Part of the popular and captivating mystique of alexandrite stones is their capability of changing colors. The stones already typically command value due to scarcity, but may be even more valuable with higher color saturation. Value is further derived from the strength of the dual colors together as to how much color range they display when illuminated.

There are many variations in color ranges for these stones, such as shifting from yellowish green to pink under a different light source. The three main colors for alexandrites are yellow, green, and red, which allows for pink and orange. Some stones have a bronze appearance under certain light. Other colors in the family include white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and sometimes purple.

Customization potentially increases the value of the jewelry, especially if the final product is unique and special. The color change effect is particularly important, since many jewelry admirers appreciate alexandrites for that reason. You should get the stone evaluated by a gemologist to determine its purity. Synthetic versions are available but are nowhere near worth the value of natural stones.

Working with Mixed Cuts

The reason cuts can be very challenging when it comes to alexandrite stones is because of their pleochroism, which is the quality of changing colors when viewing at different angles. In order to make sure both colors of the stone can be seen face up under light, it must be cut into shapes. The end result is called mixed cuts, which include cat's eye effects, cut crowns, and step-cut pavilions.

It's typical for alexandrites in jewelry to be small captivating stones with about 1 carat weight. They usually exhibit a classy appearance, especially for engagement rings. Large alexandrites are very rare by comparison. But alexandrites are among the hardest rocks used in jewelry worn on a daily basis. It's important to keep them separate from softer stones to avoid scratching. They also require periodic cleaning with soap and warm water to maintain their luster.


Understanding the characteristics of alexandrite stones will help shape your ideas for using them in customized jewelry. Remember that color effects are often what attract people the most to these rare precious stones. Contact us at Ralph Mueller & Associates to learn more about alexanderite stones and the wide range of gem types available.