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All You Need To Know About Black Opal

All You Need To Know About Black Opal

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All You Need To Know About Black Opal All Entries

All You Need To Know About Black Opal

If you’re looking for versatile jewelry, but still want to remain unique, black opal offers a mix of both. These gems aren’t easy to come by, making them a collectors’ favorite. As the name suggests, black opals have a dark body tone. However, this gemstone isn’t really black. The dark tone is a result of potch, a natural colorless backing responsible for the extra blackness and color vibrancy. As such, rainbow colors can form patterns against the backdrop.


Black opals mostly come from Lightning Ridge, Australia. In 2008, New South Wales declared black opal their gemstone emblem. It comes as no surprise that opals are Australia’s national gem. You can also find black opals in Wello, Ethiopia, and Virgin Valley, Nevada.

Black opal exists as ‘nobbies’, or fossil renewals of sponges and corals. The gemstone contains water and silicon dioxide. Water deposits silica in cracks as it flows through the earth. Eventually, the water evaporates to leave chemical deposits that form black opal.

Grading Black Opals

Several factors come into play when grading black opals. The first one is body tone. Rated N1-N4, black opals are the most valuable. On the other hand, dark and semi-black opals have an N5-N6 rating, while crystal opals fall in the N7-N9 category. Another criterion is brightness. Brightness ratings run from B1-B7, with B1 being the brightest and B7, the dullest. An opal’s value increases with its brightness.

The shape also matters. Ordinarily, oval stones are costlier than their freeform alternatives. That’s because oval cuts have many applications and a better face of color. The only exception is boulder opal grading, which places more importance on freeform stones. In most cases, opals come as cabochons. Thanks to their dome tops and flat bottoms, cabochons are perfect for ring stones.

Spiritual Properties

Besides completing your outfit, black opals supply different energies to your life. For starters, this gemstone benefits your relationships. In addition to creating mutual love, black opals make you charming and friendlier. The stone also attracts wealth. Provided you learn from past financial mistakes, black opals reveal business opportunities, increase pioneering power, and making you bolder when chasing your dreams.

Moreover, the gem helps predict your financial future, so you survive the dynamic business world. Black opal also unlocks your purpose by connecting you to your crown chakra. Blockades in your crown chakra increase resentment and dissociate you from the divine. This results in mental emptiness that often occurs as a midlife crisis. Black opals absorb your vibrations and transmit positive energy.

Intentional preparation is necessary for the desired healing effects. You could hold the stone and concentrate on your request as you caress it. The stone is working if you experience tingling sensations and warmth in your arms and hands. Artists can also use the stone’s inspiration for new ideas. 

Remember to charge your stone to energize it. You can leave it under the moonlight or sunlight to increase its power. Since minerals come from the earth, you can bury the stone to ground and energize it. Another option is smoke and candlelight. The burning candle consumes the stone’s negative energy and replaces it with positive power.

Black Opals not only make great spiritual gifts for the unique individual, they also look great as jewelry. If you're looking to sell a black opal or get it appraised, contact Ralph Mueller & Associates today.