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Elegance of Pink Gold

Elegance of Pink Gold

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Elegance of Pink Gold All Entries

Elegance of Pink Gold

Gold shines nicely with other colors when it's mixed with certain metals to form alloys. Copper and silver are the two metals mixed with gold to form pink gold. Many people call the same alloy rose gold or red gold, although these names are distinguished by metal concentration. Here are some interesting insights about pink gold and how it associates with elegance. 

How Pink Gold Jewelry Became Popular

What is now called pink gold was originally known as Russian gold when it surfaced in early 1800s Russian jewelry. It eventually wound up in America by the 1920s, as it was issued by the legendary jeweler, Cartier. The company began offering pink gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Today, pink gold has become a common choice for wedding rings.

The story of how pink gold made it into people's hearts around the world has much to do with its traditional symbolism relating to beauty, elegance, luxury, and style. The subtle shine from the alloy contributes to a calm and pleasant atmosphere. 

Differences Between Pink Gold and Rose Gold

Even though the terms 'pink gold' and 'rose gold' are often used interchangeably, jewelery experts point to how different amounts of alloy metals display different colors. Pink gold typically consists of 75 percent gold, 20 percent copper, and 5 percent silver. Rose gold has slightly more copper and less silver. Meanwhile, red gold is more of a 50/50 split between gold and copper.

How To Be Creative With Pink Gold

Ultimately, the more copper is added to gold, the redder the alloy will appear. Even though the most valuable gold is pure without other metals mixed in, jewelry collectors still seek pink gold for its attractive qualities. It happens to look amazingly gorgeous when paired with purple or violet jewelry.

One way to maximize the emotional quality of pink gold is use it for a pendant in the shape of a heart. This idea often attracts attention among sophisticated jewelry lovers who notice subtle imagery. The softness of the color makes it a stunning match with turquoise. 

What's wonderful about customizing jewelry is you can set your own creative boundaries. If the jewel is a gift for someone, it becomes even more special if you choose a unique custom design. Pink gold is an excellent gift idea for a blossoming serious relationship.


Diamond wedding rings can be extra special with pink gold because they convey elegance and soft brilliance. You can get the best jewelry deals in Arizona by contacting us at Ralph Mueller & Associates. We have deep experience in the global jewelry business and can help you find jewels you treasure in your dreams.