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Where To Sell Pearls

Where To Sell Pearls

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Where To Sell Pearls All Entries

Where To Sell Pearls

Pearls remain treasured in cultures around the world for their roundness and connection to nature. Unfortunately, over-exploitation and water pollution have contributed to the decline of these natural beauties. Here's a look at your options on where to sell pearls.

Understanding the Value of Pearls

Part of an authentic pearl's beauty is that it comes from the sea. It's becoming increasingly difficult to harvest pearls due to declines in freshwater pearl mussels. As a result, their value has increased over the years. The main sources for pearls are Asia and North America.

The pricing of pearls is based on various factors including type, size, degree of perfect spherical shape, color, and surface quality. Pricing can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars for wild pearls, which are usually worth more than cultured pearls.

Some South Sea pearls, which in general are the most valuable, can be worth as much as $100,000. White and gold top the list for the most valuable pearl colors. Other color options include black, brown, purple, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and grey.

One of the great advantages of pearls as investments is they have been reliable for storing value. That's why they make great estate jewelry gifts for loved ones to pass down to their children. Some of the most valuable pearls look opaque in transparency and have a shiny luster. They have both traditional and modern appeal.

Selling Options

Since wild pearls keep becoming more rare, one option is to hold on to them as long as you can before selling. You may earn much more profit the longer you hold out until you absolutely need cash. Many beginners go straight to local pawn shops to get appraisals and take offers, but this idea will limit your return on investment. In fact, it's one of the worst deals out there unless you absolutely need to quickly liquidate for any amount of cash. 

You might try the DIY marketing approach and try to sell pearls online through a site like Amazon or eBay. This method often becomes a waiting game and it can lead to frustration and dropping your price to compete with other sellers. This option also hampers your credibility if you have a truly valueable pearl that could be worth a lot.

The best option to maximize selling pearls is to connect with an experienced and reputable broker who brings global buyers and sellers together. You will tap into markets that aren't available through mainstream online platforms. Another advantage to working with a GIA-certified jeweler who serves the international market is that you'll get an objective and professional opinion on pricing.


Once you understand the best place where to sell pearls, you'll connect with the right buyers and sellers who care about your pearls if they're in good condition. Contact us at Ralph Mueller & Associates for more information on buying and selling a wide selection of jewelry from around the world. We're a GIA-certified jeweler with decades of experience helping jewely buyers and sellers achieve their dreams.