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Proper Care Keeps Fine Jewelry Looking Fabulous

Proper Care Keeps Fine Jewelry Looking Fabulous

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Proper Care Keeps Fine Jewelry Looking Fabulous All Entries

Proper Care Keeps Fine Jewelry Looking Fabulous

Fine jewelry is an investment that should be taken care of no matter how old it may be. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches can always look brand new if you take the time to clean and repair them. The following are some recommendations for care that will go a long way towards keeping the sparkle alive in your precious pieces.

Taking Care of Treated Gems

It is not uncommon for gemstones to be treated in order to enhance their color and clarity. Treated gems such as diamonds should never be exposed to high heat or solvents as these can break down the chemical treatment. They also  should not be steamed or placed within ultrasonic baths. As such, you should clean treated gems using nothing more than lukewarm water, a touch of soap, and a gentle cloth. When you are cleaning your gemstones, be sure to thoroughly rinse soap off before wiping it dry with a soft cloth. 

Keep Pieces Out of the Light

It may surprise you to learn that gemstones can fade over time. Many precious stones such as amethyst and topaz can bleach over time. The same is true with pearls and ivory. Thus, you should store your jewelry in a dark place and be careful about wearing it for prolonged periods where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Restring Your Pearls Regularly

Pearls that are worn regularly will come loose. The best way to prevent losing a pearl along the way is by re-stringing them once per year. Pearls and opals should be stored in a dry place as both can absorb moisture from the air. If you live in a humid area, it's a good idea to put a sponge inside your jewelry box to absorb excess moisture.

Strengthen the Settings

Settings can come loose over time. This can make it easy for stones and other embellishments to fall off. Loose settings on fine jewelry should be repaired by a professional jeweler. Never use Super Glue or other over the counter home treatments as these can damage the piece and diminish the value. Always remember that a professional repair is far less expensive than replacing a diamond, ruby, etc.

Ralph Mueller & Associates would be happy to discuss your fine jewelry needs with you. We'll be happy to assist you whether you're looking for help repairing your pieces, or looking to sell them.