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Earthy Sensations of Zircon Stones

Earthy Sensations of Zircon Stones

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Earthy Sensations of Zircon Stones All Entries

Earthy Sensations of Zircon Stones

Zircon stones are the oldest rocks on Earth known to scientists. Naturally, they have an earthy allure, like diamonds and emeralds. These gems of many colors have been around nearly as long as the planet. Here are reasons why zircon stones have such earthy qualities.

Earth's Most Resilient Stone

At the top of the list of Earth's more resilient stones is zircon. The mineral is so durable it will last countless generations. Zircon stones not only resist chemicals, they can withstand major geological events over millions of years. The key to the gem's longevity is its hardness and chemical composition of zirconium, silicon, and oxygen.

Zircon Stones Compared With Diamonds

But if ziron is so resilient, why is it so underrated as jewelry? It's a semi-precious stone and is overshadowed by the diamond, which is one of four precious stones. While zircon rates from 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, diamonds are the hardest rocks on Earth, with a 10 rating. Since diamonds are more valuable and more celebrated as popular engagement rings, it's hard to compete with diamonds for attention.

Yet, zircon stones are similar in appearance to diamonds, and are considered more affordable substitutes. Both gems are associated with strength, beauty, happiness, and love. And in both cases, the most colorless and pure stones are the most valuable. Zircons actually resemble diamonds more than any other gem.

One of the main reasons zircon is so overshadowed by diamonds, despite the amazing similarities, is because many people mistakenly believe zircon stones are just cheap imitations of diamonds. But that probably has more to do with the marketing saturation power behind diamonds over the past century, particularly in movies and songs.

More Rare, Yet Less Valuable

A dramatic irony about zircon is that it's more rare than diamonds, yet commands less market value. Again, diamonds have been popularized by Hollywood's most legendary stars, but not many films or songs promote zircon. The cultural impact of diamonds is enormous, while zircons are eclipsed by them.

Transparent zircon is among the most sought in the zircon family for its luster and shine. It rates high in terms of natural beauty, as do certain colors such as yellow and gold. The absolute rarest zircon color is green. Natural blue is very rare and holds high value. Be aware that most blue zircon stones are treated with heat and do not hold as much value.


If you want the look of a diamond at a more affordable price, zircon should be a top consideration. Zircon stones are often misunderstood as fake diamonds, but natural zircon can be just as special and beautiful. It's a gem that can be thought of as a "buried treasure." Contact us at Ralph Mueller & Associates for more information about zircon and other eye-catching gems.