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Staying in the Green with Red

Staying in the Green with Red

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Staying in the Green with Red All Entries

Staying in the Green with Red

Summer brings with it the drowsy heat of a season meant for rest and relaxation. What better way to celebrate the warmth of the upcoming months than to find out how you can have the ultimate vacation by capitalizing on the gem of July! With that unmistakable rosy hue, Ruby stones are the choice way to mark July birthdays. What better way to mark your plans with the blush of marketable potential! Your hope for a memorable experience awaits in the glittering depths of your jewelry box!

Mighty and Marketable

Why are rubies a buyer's dream? How do your ruby jewelry pieces market themselves to buyers or collectors? Here are five vital facets that reveal how marketability is a natural inclination for the gem that is known to exude passion and love to its many admirers:

Facet #1

They color well. The deep blood red or softer rose or pinkish hue of ruby stones exudes vibrancy and life. Most rubies are treated to highlight their natural color, as well as strengthen the integrity of the stone.

Facet #2

Anniversaries make ruby stones a desirable item. Given as a gift for 15th and 40th anniversaries, both younger and older couples appreciate that rubies are a timeless symbol celebrating the finer qualities of commitment and tradition.

Facet #3

They are world renowned. India and Asia have seen increasing popularity in the ruby market. For thousands of years, the ruby has decorated Indian royalty from crowns to armor. That means potentially global profit!

Facet #4

Imperfection is expected. While some gemstones fair badly on the market when slight imperfections mar the perfection of the gem, rubies still fair well. Because the stunning red color is so attractive to buyers and collectors and most natural rubies have imperfections, the market doesn't seem to pause in raking in the profit from "imperfect" ruby sales. In fact if a ruby doesn't have some type of inclusion in the gem itself, it can actually damage a ruby's sterling reputation. Synthetic rubies are notorious for being flawless, so when a "perfect" ruby comes on the market it can be a deterrent for buyers looking to make a timely investment. 

Facet #5

Longevity is epitomized in ruby stones. One of the hardest stones on the Mohs scale, the ruby ranks a 9 in hardness. If you own a durable gem stone whose vivid saturation levels is a thing of beauty you have two important facets that make your likelihood of bringing home large amounts of cash lean in your favor.

Color Categorizing for Cash

How do you know if you have the real thing or a synthetic copy in your possession? Color in terms of rubies plays a large role in investment or selling opportunities. What color your ruby exhibits to the naked eye or the trained perusal of a professional may determine the difference between high value and a minimal payout. How do you discover the value of your jewelry? Locals in the  Phoenix area have a trusted jeweler in Ralph Mueller & Associates, as their valued resource for their jewelry needs. 

For more information on how ruby stones can help start your rainy day or "summer vacation" fund, click here to visit their website or call 480.949.9229 for a second opinion! See to it that you and your gems get the attention deserved by contacting them today!