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Popular Phoenix Jewelry Materials

Popular Phoenix Jewelry Materials

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Popular Phoenix Jewelry Materials All Entries

Popular Phoenix Jewelry Materials

At first thought you might consider turquoise to be one of the materials synonymous with Arizona jewelry. But, did you know that Arizona is popular for more than just this beautiful bluish green gemstone? Here are a few other popular materials to consider, and all of them can be found right in Arizona. 


Arizona turquoise is one of those stones that you will never forget seeing due to its mesmerizing beauty. But, these gems are nothing new. The Native Americans have been producing them for thousands of years. They are not only popular in Arizona jewelry, but can also be used to make beads or sculptures. These gems are so popular in Arizona that the 2011 United States Geological Survey declared Arizona as the leading source of Turquoise in the United States!


Peridotite may not be as pretty and blue as turquoise, but it definitely lends its own attractiveness to jewelry. There are different types of Peridotite, but mostly they contain olivine as a primary, and quartz or feldspar  as a secondary. One type of peridotite to look into is Kimberlite. These rocks are found within diamond pipes and can contain visible diamonds. One that was found in South Africa had diamond crystals embedded into it that had a whopping 1.8 carats!


Another stone  that is popularly used in Arizona jewelry that you may not expect is Jade. Generally when people think of jade, they automatically think of Chinese jewelry. But there are actually  many types of Jade from different locations. Chinawill always be an important producer, but they can be found in  Asia, North America, the Pacific Islands, South America, and Australia.


Opal is yet another beautiful gem that can fetch a pretty penny, depending on the color, size,  and where it came from.. While Opal comes in many different colors, Black and Dark colors are more valuable than the White Opal because the "play of color" is more easily seen. In Australia Black Opal can go for $15,000 AUD for ONE carat (equals out to $12,088 USD) There are many  varieties of Opal, but  one of the most popular and the most common type is the Blue Opal. The body of the Opal tends to be a palish-blue color, while the colors of red, green and orange  play off the stone. Very pretty!


You really have to appreciate the beauty an Amethyst can bring. These tend to be a deep or bright purple.  However, at  the Four Peaks Amethyst Mine they have an almost reddish purple color to them. Other mines in the area also produce amethysts, but they are often a byproduct of other mining materials. You know the Native Americans were well aware of the availability of this stone though, because over the years several amethyst arrowheads have been found in Arizona.

As you can see from the illustrious list above, there a number of gemstones that are native to Arizona. If you are interested in selling your used jewelry or have questions, visit Ralph Mueller & Associates or call 480.949.9229.