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The Pros and Cons Of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The Pros and Cons Of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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The Pros and Cons Of Rose Gold Engagement Rings All Entries

The Pros and Cons Of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Generally speaking, there are three gold variations. These are rose gold, yellow gold, and the well-known white gold. All three of these golds are made by mixing pure gold with another alloy, since pure gold is simply too soft to work with on its own.

What types of rose gold are there?  What are the pros and cons of using rose gold for an engagement ring? 

Types Of Rose Gold

There are quite a few different variations of this gold. They include red gold and pink gold , which are both considered rose gold, but simply have a different tint to them.  General rule of thumb is that the more copper a ring has in it, the redder the ring tint will be

Pros Of Rose Gold

  • - One of the best things about this type of gold is that it's way more durable than any of its cousins, white or yellow gold. However, they are not as strong as platinum which is considered one of the strongest metals.
  • - Affordability is one of the best reasons to buy this type of an engagement ring. If you're on a budget, but want a gold that is elegant and beautifully attractive, rose gold is an awe-inspiring option. 
  • - Rose gold doesn’t require plating. Some gold rings, such as white gold,  need a rhodium plate on top of the metal.
  •  - Originally this type of metal was popular in Russia in the 19th century. It actually used to be called Russian Gold for this exact reason. Rose-gold was incredibly popular at the turn of the century. Since then it has gone in and out of fashion, depending on the year. Last year, this year and next year, the forecast says rose gold is making a major comeback and you will find a lot more people buying these types of engagement rings.
  • - This type of gold is also very well-known for going with every single skin tone out there. It doesn’t matter if you have warmer skin tones or cooler skin tones, this type of gold looks good on everyone, as do diamonds!

Cons of Rose

  • - Rose-gold is not hypoallergenic. People who are allergic to copper, are also likely to have an allergic reaction to rose gold. 
  • - Rose gold is often more rare than white or yellow gold. This makes it  difficult to find an engagement ring you really love, unless you can find a jeweler who carries a good selection of this type of gold.

No metal is perfect. But, if you take a look at the pro list versus the con list you can certainly see that rose gold is a very special material in that it's super versatile, affordable, and beautifully crafted.

Rose-gold engagement rings are definitely making a comeback in a big way. A lot of people really love the warm, vintage look that the rose coloring gives off.  Choosing a ring is one of the more difficult choices you make, so just make sure that you shop around, do your own research, and look at as many rings, types of rings, and materials that you possibly can before making a final decision.

If you have any questions about this type of gold or any other materials or you want to purchase or sell an engagement ring, consider contacting Ralph Mueller & Associate.