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Fun Facts About Sapphires

Fun Facts About Sapphires

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Fun Facts About Sapphires All Entries

Fun Facts About Sapphires

If your birthday is in September, you probably already know that Sapphires are your birthstone, but there are a few other facts you might not know about these beautiful blue stones.

Associated With The Planet Saturn

The word Sapphires is actually derived from the Latin word Saphirus and the Greek word Sapheiros.  Both of these words mean "blue."  Some people believe that the word is actually associated with the planet Saturn because Sapphires, roughly translated into other languages means Dear To The Planet Sun.

They've Been Around For Thousands Of Years

According to history, these precious stones have been around for thousands of years and used in many different cultures and religious sects.  The Kings of Ancient Persia believed that the reason the sky was blue, was because the sun reflected off of these blue stones.  They were also often used as a holy stone in the Catholic Church.  Some religions even believed that the Blue stones represented heaven.

They Were Used As Ecclesiastical Rings

In the 12th century, these precious stones were used in rings as star shapes for the ecclesiastical because they are said to be a protector against Witchcraft.  Even Kings in days before would wear these stones around their necks to protect them from envy and attract divine favor!

The Star Of India

The Museum of Natural History in New York is where the Star Of India is placed.  Its said to have 563 carats!  The Star of India is also said to bring chastity and piety, as well as wisdom and truth.

Used As A Way To Cure Blindness

In Ancient times these precious stones would also be ground down to a fine powder and mixed with vinegar.  It was said that Doctors would give this to patients who were losing or had lost their eyesight, supposedly to help them see again. But, there are many other medicinal cures that these precious stones supposedly aided in, from getting rid of fevers to helping with rheumatism to protecting against mental illness.  Depending on the illness they would either use vinegar or milk, but the Sapphires were always ground up.

Rubies and Sapphires Are Very Similar

Rubies and Sapphires actually have the same trigonal crystal structure.  They are also both a corundum. In fact, they are in the same family of stones, the only difference is the color.  A red corundum is a ruby.  

Perfect For Everyday Jewelry

While diamonds are the hardest of jewels - a 10, Sapphires are right behind them at a 9.   Both these precious stones and  diamonds are great for everyday jewelry because they can stand up to everyday wear.  

Blue Is Not The Only Color

While blue ones are the most common, it should also be noted that they also come in other colors such as purples, yellows, pinks, greens, even black and gray colors.  These alternate colors are often referred to as Fancy Sapphires and  cost significantly less than the blue ones.

Different Locations Produce Different Sizes and Colors

Different locations around the world will produce different colors and sizes of these stones.  For instance, in Sri Lanka, they often produce stones that are over 100 carats and are a light shade of blue.  On the other hand, New South Wales and Australia produce Sapphires as well, but they are darker blue in color.

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