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Why Using An Accredited Jeweler Is Important

Why Using An Accredited Jeweler Is Important

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Why Using An Accredited Jeweler Is Important All Entries

Why Using An Accredited Jeweler Is Important

When it comes time to sell your jewelry you have many different options available to you. These include pawn shops, the internet, jewelry stores and independent jewelry owners.  The hard part isn't being able to find a buyer. The hard part is finding the right buyer.  

If you want to find the best deal, it's a good idea to choose someone with experience and accreditation, like Ralph Mueller.  

What Makes Someone Accredited?

When a business like Ralph Mueller or a person is accredited, it can mean a few things.  First off, it means that they are accredited by the GIA - Gemological Institute of America.

Second, when you are accredited by the BIA you will learn about all the latest technology, terminology and information about diamonds and other types of stones and jewelry.

Thirdly, when they are accredited via the GIA you can rest assured that they are ethical and educational in the business they are running - in this case, a jewelry store or appraisal service.

Lastly, make sure that whoever you choose has a reputation and a business profile on the Better Business Bureau website.  The website will give you an informational profile as to any disputes in the past, praises, reviews/testimonials and more.

Identifying Gemstones and Diamonds

When you get your diamonds or other gemstones appraised by an accredited company like Ralph Mueller and Associates you are getting a professional, as well as an expert that knows the difference between a diamond and a ruby, but they also know the difference between a peridot and an idocrase - which look very similar.

When a gemologist is certified and accredited they know how to use special tools and technology in order to determine the identity and value.


Also, when you are accredited and certified you know how to grade gemstones on their quality, cut, color, clarity, weight (carats) and how rare that diamond or gemstone might be.

An accredited jeweler takes all of these little pieces of data and factors them in when they are examining a gemstone or a specific piece of jewelry.


Likewise, if you need to have your diamonds or other gemstones appraised either for insurance purposes or another reason, an accredited jeweler like Ralph Mueller knows exactly how much a piece is worth not only right now, but what it might be valued at later on.

Accredited Jewelers Are Trustworthy

If you plan to sell your jewelry, not everyone is trustworthy.  It's a difficult pill to swallow, but it's the truth.  Someone could give you a lower price than what the piece is actually worth or they might not be aware of just how valuable a gemstone or jewelry piece really is.  On the other hand, accredited jewelers like Ralph Mueller, are competent enough to know what they're looking at, but also trustworthy enough to give you the best price possible.  The bottom line is if you are selling jewelry, you want the most amount of money possible.

Choosing an Accredited Jeweler

When it comes to choosing someone who is accredited, competent and trustworthy, your best bet is to first ask your friends and family who they recommend.

You can also check online for Accredited Jewelers like Ralph Mueller in your specific location.  Look up reviews, check the BBB and see who has a good reputation with customers, etc.

This will help you find someone that is actually interested in helping you sell your jewelry that also has a good reputation with previous customers.

If you are interested in selling your used jewelry or have questions, visit Ralph Mueller & Associates in Scottsdale or call 480.949.9229