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Most Expensive Diamonds Sold At Auction

Most Expensive Diamonds Sold At Auction

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Most Expensive Diamonds Sold At Auction All Entries

Most Expensive Diamonds Sold At Auction

Previous articles have discussed the highest valued diamonds, the world's largest diamonds, and the most expensive designer jewelry in the world. But, what about the most expensive diamonds to ever be sold at auction? 

The Pink Star

Diamond Pricing At Auction: $71million
Date Sold: April 2017 at Sotheby’s Auction
Color: Pink
Carat Weight: 59.6 carats

`The Pink Star is a highly well known diamond.   Not only by  weight, but also for its Vividly Pink color grading.  In only 5 minutes of appearing at auction, the Pink Star sold for $71 million - the highest price ever paid for a jewel at auction.

The Orange

Diamond Pricing At Auction: $35.54 million
Date Sold: November 2013
Color: Orange
Carat Weight: 14.82 carats

The Orange is the largest orange diamond ever sold at auction in 2013.  According to Forbes, one of the biggest reasons behind the value in this diamond is simply the fiery orange color it presents.

Winston Blue Diamond

Diamond Pricing At Auction: $23.8 million
Date Sold: May 2014
Color: Blue
Carat Weight: 13.22 carats

The Winston Blue is a beautifully vivid blue diamond, weighing in at 13.22 carats.  What's more notable is the fact that the Winston Blue was purchased by Harry Winston.  The price paid for the Winston Blue also carries a record for blue diamonds.

“The 101?

Diamond Pricing At Auction: $26.7 million
Date Sold: 2013
Color: Colorless
Carat Weight: 101.73

The 101 earns its name specifically for its diamond weigh of  101.73 carats.  Even more noticeable is that while the other diamonds mentioned are colored, this one is colorless and considered a Flawless Clarity grade.

It has a D color grade!  To say that this diamond is unique is a definite understatement.

The Princie Pink Diamond

Diamond Pricing At Auction: $39.3 million
Date Sold: April 2013
Color: Pink
Carat Weight: 36.45 carats

The Princie Pink Diamond was sold at auction in 2013 and is yet another fancy pink diamond. The Princie Pink Diamond was actually discovered around 300 years ago in a mine in India called the Golconda Mine.  The Princie Pink Diamond is the most expensive diamond from the Golconda Mine that was sold.

Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

Diamond Pricing At Auction: $57.5 million
Date Sold: May 2016
Color: Blue
Carat Weight: 14.62 carats

While the Winston Blue has an obvious blue tint to it, the Oppenheimer Blue Diamond has an almost purplish blue color to it.  This blue diamond is one of the biggest Vivid Blue diamonds to ever appear at auction.  Given the fact that it's so rare and the size of it - 14.62 carats, it's no surprise that the Oppenheimer Blue Diamond sold for $57.5 million in 2016.  The diamond itself was named after its previous owner - Sir Philip Oppenheimer.  It was sold for $57.5 million but the asking price was actually a significantly lower $35 million to $45 million.

If you like these diamonds and would like to purchase some of your own or if you have diamonds you would like to sell, one of your best options is to get it appraised and sell it to a renowned jeweler.  Not only will the appraisal give you an idea of just what your diamonds are worth, but selling directly to a jeweler will allow you to receive the maximum amount of money with the least amount of anxiety.

If you are interested in selling your used jewelry or have questions, visit Ralph Mueller & Associates or call 480.949.9229