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Interesting Facts About The Tsavorite Garnet

Interesting Facts About The Tsavorite Garnet

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Interesting Facts About The Tsavorite Garnet All Entries

Interesting Facts About The Tsavorite Garnet

The Tsavorite Garnet also called the tsavolite is one of many green gems around the world.  This specific one is a type of garnet that was first discovered in 1967.  It's not an old gem by any means, but it's still an interesting stone to learn about!

Where Does The Name Come From?

While the Tsavorite Garnet was first found in 1967 by Campbell R Bridges, it didn't get its official name until 1974.  It was named  by Tiffany and Co when they launched a marketing campaign.  Tiffany and Co thought this would be a good name for the stone considering these are primarily found in Africa and they wanted to name it after the Tsavo East National Park in Kenya.  Other smaller Tsavorite Garnet's have also been found in Antarctica and Pakistan but they are much smaller deposits than in Africa.

Famous Tsavorite's In History

The largest known Tsavorite Garnet was shown at the Tucson Gem Show in 2007 - weighing in at 325 carats.  It is said that this is the cleanest and largest of the variety.

But, there is also another famous Tsavorite Garnet that was designed by Tiffany and Co called the Schlumberger tsavorite seahorse pin.  The estimated value of this piece is around $10,000 to $15,000.  

The piece is designed and cut to look like a seahorse - the inner part of the seahorse is where the garnets are and the outer part, including the fins and tail, are all mounted in platinum and 18k gold.  The eye of the seahorse is made from one ruby.

What Color Is The Tsavorite?

  The Tsavorite has a high level of brilliance thanks to the high refractive index. While they are green, this ranges from bright yellowish green to an even bluish green in terms of color.  While these gems are pretty no matter what hue they are, the most revered gems are those with an intensely high saturation of green.

The Tsavorite Garnet is almost 200 times rarer than an emerald and because of the high refractive index it's also significantly harder than an emerald, but they are also cheaper than an emerald.  Also, almost 99.9% of emeralds out there right now are somehow treated in one way or another - the Tsavorite Garnet is not!  What you see is what you get is very true when it comes to the Tsavorite.

This garnet is most commonly cut as ovals or circles, but they also have "teardrop" or pear-shaped cuts, squares and even hearts.  

How Much Does A Tsavorite Cost?

Because these gems are pretty rare, prices will fluctuate.  It depends greatly on the color, clarity, and, of course, the size of the gem.  They really range from a few hundred dollars on up to thousands!

The Tsavorite tends to be most commonly sold as loose gems.  But, that doesn't mean you can't find a beautiful necklace or ring.  Smaller gems tend to be used in pendant and necklace jewelry - either using one single stone or multiple gems.  The larger Tsavorite are primarily used for rings or earrings. Platinum or silver is one of the most used metals when it comes to bringing out the green in the gem!

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