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Gold Appraisal - What To Ask Before The Appointment

Gold Appraisal - What To Ask Before The Appointment

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Gold Appraisal - What To Ask Before The Appointment All Entries

Gold Appraisal - What To Ask Before The Appointment

When it comes time to "value" or evaluate your jewelry, you'll need a gold appraisal.  If this isn't something you've done before you may be curious about what to ask the jeweler before you actually meet with them before your appointment.  This little guide will give you a few questions you should be asking beforehand.

How Much Does A Gold Appraisal Cost?

The cost  for a gold appraisal will vary.  The variants depend on the size of the piece or the gemstones in the piece.  While prices will vary for the gold appraisal, most of the time you're looking at a cost between $50 and $200.  There are of course other places that might charge more though.  You can ask directly how much an appraiser charges for the gold appraisal before you send your piece in.

What Data Will The Gold Appraisal Include?

A professional appraisal will include a written or typed out document which will describe all of the different characteristics of the piece.  This document should be written in layman terms so you understand the details.  The document will also have the grades, measurements, materials, etc used in the piece.

Other types of information included in the document for the gold appraisal will include:

- Unusual treatments that were done on the  jewelry

- The maker of the piece

- The metal of the piece in question - including gemstones

- The karats of the piece

The document should also include a picture of your jewelry.  The whole point of a gold appraisal is to have as much information as possible including any documentation so you can give it to your insurance company.  This way, they can provide you with an equivalent replacement if it comes down to it.  The more details you have about the piece, the easier it will be to replace it if something happens to it down the line.

What Grading System Is Used In The Appraisal?

The grading system that will be used is going to depend on the jewelry itself.  If it's something that includes diamonds, then a diamond grading would be used.  On the other hand, if it's simply a gold ring, necklace or pendant another grading scale would be used.  Again, it depends on the jewelry itself and what materials or gems are used.

How Often Should You Get A Gold Appraisal?

If the reason you got the appraisal done in the first place was for insurance reasons, you'll want to get an appraisal done every few years.  The main reason behind this is because materials and gems constantly fluctuate in terms of value.  

This way the appraisal will keep you informed about the value and will give you a better idea as to how much coverage you should have on the piece of jewelry if something would happen to it.

On the other hand, if you got a gold appraisal simply because you want to sell the piece and want to make sure  you aren't charging too much or too little, a gold appraisal is also beneficial.

All of these questions can be asked on the phone or via the contact form of the appraiser you plan on using.  

If you are interested in selling your used jewelry, have questions, or  would like your jewelry appraised visit Ralph Mueller & Associates or call 480.949.9229.