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Everything You Need To Know About The Peridot Gemstone

Everything You Need To Know About The Peridot Gemstone

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Everything You Need To Know About The Peridot Gemstone All Entries

Everything You Need To Know About The Peridot Gemstone

When most people think of colored gems, they think of more common stones such as rubies, emeralds or even sapphires.  But, if you are looking for something a little different and also looking for something with mind-blowing colors, you definitely want to check out the peridot.  This gemstone is not only the official gem for August birthdays, it's also the National Stone of Egypt and is the symbolic gift for 16th wedding anniversaries!

Where Peridot Is Found

Peridot is primarily found in China and Vietnam lava.  Yes, lava!  However, you can also find smaller instances of peridot in North America and pockets of this gemstone in Finland and Myanmar.  When this gem was first found 3500 years ago it was discovered near Egypt in the Red Sea on the Isle of St Johns.

What Color Is The Peridot?

Peridot has a beautiful yellow-green tone to it that might be  mistaken for an emerald. But, the Peridot has more of a lime color  to it than any emerald ever would.  The yellow-green hue in this stone is caused by iron.  While the yellow-green is the more common hue, you can also find shades of brownish green, natural green, or even neon green color variations.

Famous Gemstones in History

Like most other gemstones (including diamonds) the Peridot is steeped in history.  

- Cleopatra:  In Egypt, the Peridot is known as The Gem Of The Sun.  Not only were Egyptians obsessed with the Sun, but they also loved peridots.  One of the biggest reasons behind this was that they believed this gem could ward off evil spirits.  Because of this, it should be no surprise that it was said that Cleopatra wore this gem.

- The Christian Bible:  The Bible also mentions this gemstone.  They called it by its Hebrew name Pitdah.  The Pitdah was referenced numerous times in the bible.

- Smithsonian:  There are also 2 major Peridot stones in the Smithsonian.  The first one is 46.16 karats - it was found in Pakistan.  The other one is in the form of a necklace and its 34.65 karats.  This second piece was found in San Carlos on an Indian Reservation in Arizona.

- Cologne Cathedral:  There is also a church in Germany that has a shrine called the Three Holy Kings.  For years it was believed that the studded shrine had 200-carat gems made of emeralds.  But, it turns out these are in fact peridots!

Rare Gems Equal More Value

As with any other gem, the rarer it is the more valuable.  A peridot that is 20 carats or more, will be considered quite rare and valuable.  Other aspects of value include cut, clarity, and color.  These gems also tend to NOT be treated. 

Materials Used With Peridot

If you think that green doesn't go with everything; think again!  Not only is this gemstone used with silvery materials such as white gold and platinum, but it  also matched with yellow gold and rose gold.  It looks especially good with rose gold and can be used in conjunction with pink spinel or pink sapphire.

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