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Different Materials Used For Quality Rings

Different Materials Used For Quality Rings

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Different Materials Used For Quality Rings All Entries

Different Materials Used For Quality Rings

Focusing only on  the diamond when buying a ring, is like buying icing and not thinking about the taste and texture of the cake.  The diamond might be the most important part, but what about the foundation?  That's what holds everything together and makes it even more attractive.

We will be talking about the different materials used for quality rings, as well as different aspects such as appearance, purity, and interesting facts!


 Gold has been, and always will be, popular.  It's considered the standard for quality rings.  While gold is timeless and romantic, it's not for everyone.

Appearance:  Alloy is mixed with gold which creates different colors such as white gold, yellow gold, green gold, and even pink and rose gold!

Purity:  24K gold is pure. However, other materials can be added, which will make it more durable, but that also knocks down the purity.

Sterling Silver

Silver has been a treasured commodity for centuries and it's no different when it comes to quality rings.  Silver is one of the most affordable metals around, but silver is not pure. It is  mixed with copper or another metal.

Appearance:  Silver can range from shiny bright white to grayish white.

Interesting Facts:  Silver is primarily mined in Canada, Poland, Mexico, and Australia.


Up until the 20th century, platinum was a very common metal for quality rings.  Because of the war, this material was taken off the marketplace and instead of it being used for rings, it was used for military applications.

Platinum is really beautiful, shiny, and incredibly durable.  While platinum did disappear again from the marketplace, it's now appearing again and is becoming a top choice for quality rings.

Appearance:  Platinum compared to something like silver gold, has a much softer appearance.  It's also 30x more rare than gold -- which makes it incredibly expensive!  Platinum is especially durable since it  won't tarnish or oxidize.  

Interesting Facts:  Did you know that most British Crowns are made from Platinum? Platinum is also most commonly mined in South Africa and Russia.


Originally used for industrial applications, titanium is especially strong but incredibly lightweight.  These work really well for men's wedding bands.  Titanium also has a modern look to it.

Appearance:  Titanium comes in both satin and polished finishes, and can be silver, gray or black in terms of colors.  Because of its strength, this is also the ideal material if you plan on etching or engraving the ring.

Purity:  You should also know that titanium does NOT include alloys and it makes this material incredibly hypoallergenic.


Looking for something ultra-strong?  We're talking Superman strong!  The Tungsten metal used in quality rings is 4x harder than titanium.  

Interesting Facts:  Tungsten is primarily found in China, but smaller mines can also be found in Canada, Bolivia, and Peru.

Purity:  Tungsten is 100% pure and 100% hypoallergenic

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