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Assessing the Value of Pink Sapphire Stones

Assessing the Value of Pink Sapphire Stones

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Assessing the Value of Pink Sapphire Stones All Entries

Assessing the Value of Pink Sapphire Stones

While there are many gemstones available to consumers in today's large, diverse jewelry market, pink sapphire stones are quickly gaining in popularity and prestige. These modern-looking yet timeless diamonds offer a feminine, delicate look that pairs beautifully with striking jewelry settings. Not only are they aesthetically appealing on their own, but pink sapphire stones also flatter wearers of all skin tones. 


Famous Pink Sapphire Stones

Sapphires have been popular throughout history, but it's usually the traditional blue gemstones that win the most attention -- just look at the Star of India, the Logan Blue Sapphire, or the Blue Giant of the Orient, the largest faceted sapphire in the world.

However, pink sapphire stones have earned some attention of their own. One of the most famous pieces of pink sapphire jewelry is a ring containing a 5.81-carat oval-shaped pink sapphire, set with marquise diamonds. In 2012, its estimated value was over $25,000 -- and that number keeps climbing upward. 


The Hues Of Pink Sapphire Stones

Many jewelry experts predict that pink sapphires will soon surpass their blue counterparts in popularity, and a major reason for that is their variety and versatility. Pink sapphire stones come in a wide range of colors, encompassing everything from pale baby pink to deep, warm magenta. 

The most sought-after shade of pink sapphire is the purplish pink hue, which has a medium tone that is sometimes describe as a "bubblegum pink". If you see pink sapphire crystals that have not yet been cut or treated, most of them look like a dark pink-colored candy or a piece of bubble gum. 


Cutting Pink Sapphires

When cutting a pink sapphire, the first thing a jewelry designer will consider is how they can maximize sparkle by making cuts that allow light to shine through the gem. A poorly planned cut will minimize a pink sapphire's sparkle or fail to take a stone's unique aspects, such as inclusions, into consideration. 


Pink Sapphire Supply and Demand 

Before the 1990s, pink sapphires were extremely rare. Deposits could only be found in a few select locations around the world, including Sri Lanka. However, the discovery of a new deposit in Madagascar in the 1990s dramatically increased the global supply of pink sapphire stones.  

In the decades since, miners have found additional deposits in and around East Africa and Myanmar. However, the mine in Madagascar is by far the most popular and productive. Many of the striking gems found in pink sapphire jewelry today came from that particular deposit. 


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