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What Is a Certified Diamond and Why It Matters

What Is a Certified Diamond and Why It Matters

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What Is a Certified Diamond and Why It Matters All Entries

What Is a Certified Diamond and Why It Matters

Every diamond is truly unique. Even if there are 10 diamonds cut from 1 big stone, they will all have their own unique signatures. They all have their own composition and unique features, as distinctive as a thumbprint. When you understand this, it makes it easier to understand the value and purpose of certified diamonds. 

A certified diamond is like having a genetic blueprint of the diamond. The certification explains the external as well as internal flaws, the measurements of the diamond, the 4 Cs of the diamond, and more.

Two Common Certificates: EGL and GIA

There are 2 common types of diamond certification: EGL and GIA

EGL stands for the European Gemological Laboratory, which was founded in 1974. The EGL introduced grading techniques for diamonds weighing in at less than 1 carat. If you decide to use the European Gemological Laboratory, you can rest assured that your diamond will go through rigorous tests.

The GIA, or Gemological Institute of America, was founded in 1931 and is considered the leading authority in the world on gemology, gems, and diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America is accredited with coming up the 4 Cs, a standard that most everyone uses today. 

Which Certification Is Most Valuable? 

While both the EGL and the GGIA do certifications and while both are official organizations, most people will tell you that the GIA is the most valuable and prestigious. They tend to be more strict in their grading criteria and they also tend to be more consistent with their evaluations of the gem.

GIA certifications do cost a little more, but if they are more qualified, more consistent, and offer more precise data, the cost is worth it.

There are, of course, other options available to you, but these are the most common options available that people use the most. It's a really good idea for you to check each organization out and see which one sounds the best to you.

The Purpose of Certification

If it wasn't already made obvious, getting a diamond certified is the only real way to know the truth about a gemstone's history and value. Often, we're given items of jewelry and told stories about their origins and value, but we have no sure way of knowing what the truth is. Getting a diamond certified is like having a stamp of authentication, and can greatly increase the value of a gem. 

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