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The Blue Diamond: The Rarest of Gems

The Blue Diamond: The Rarest of Gems

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The Blue Diamond: The Rarest of Gems All Entries

The Blue Diamond: The Rarest of Gems

If you're a frequent reader on our blog, you've probably read about some fascinating and unique gemstones that you never knew about before, along with some historical figures that wore those gems. Well, here is another one to add to the list: The Blue Diamond.

The Second Rarest Color

We often think that diamonds can only be clear or white. However, diamonds can also be found in other colors. Some common examples are greyish and yellowish diamonds. When a color is very strong in a diamond, it can become even more valuable than a pure, clear diamond. The most rare colors are reds and purples. Close behind, though, are blue diamonds, which are highly prized for their stunning clarity and mesmerizing color. 

Where Do Blue Diamonds Come From?

A lot of diamonds only have a handful of locations where they can be found. The primary source of the blue diamond is the Cullinan Mine in South Africa, which has mined the most blue diamonds to date. The Cullinan Mine is owned by Petra Diamonds, and they have had the most interesting discoveries with blue diamonds for the past few years. 

What Is the Value of a Blue Diamond?

Since these are extremely rare stones that are constantly in demand, it should be no surprise that these don't come at a low cost. According to the NCDIA, the prices for blue diamonds is constantly rising between 12 to 17% every single year.

Sources say that for a blue diamond that weighs 3 carats and above, the cost may be it can be as much as $1M per carat. The clarity and the cut will also change the value of the diamond.

Famous Blue Diamonds In History

Some of the most famous diamonds in history are blue diamonds. Here are just a few:

  1. The Hope Diamond: This is by far the most famous blue diamond. It weighed in at almost 46 carats. It was originally believed to be cursed considering most of the people who have owned or worn it have fallen victim to an early death! If you've never seen any pictures of the Hope Diamond, check some out online! While the original owner was Henry Philip Hope, the diamond now resides at the National Museum of Natural History. According to jewelers, if sold, this piece is estimated at $200–$350 million USD.
  2. The Star Of Josephine: This 7-carat blue diamond was first found in 2008. It was sold at auction for $9.49M. Learn more here
  3. The Wittelsbach-Graff: This blue diamond was found in the 1600s. It was bought, polished, and recut by Laurence Graff. It weighed 31.06 carats and was sold for $24.3M in 2011!
  4. The Winston Blue: This blue diamond was 29.6 carats and it sold for $25.6M in 2014 and purchased by Harry Winston (hence the name).

If you want to sell your diamonds or have any rare blue diamonds you want to have evaluated, contact Ralph Mueller and Associates for more information. We are certified by the GIA and can give you an honest and fair estimate.