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Designer Jewelry Throughout History

Designer Jewelry Throughout History

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Designer Jewelry Throughout History All Entries

Designer Jewelry Throughout History

Jewelry is an amazing way to express yourself. It combines both art and craftsmanship. Throughout history, people would use a wide variety of materials to decorate themselves. Over time many designers have used their skills to create pieces of art out of jewelry. With a little metal, some gems, and a creative eye, these designers have helped pave the way for others and set trends that have gotten people talking for years.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends jewelry designers inspired throughout history.

Ancient Times

In the ancient world, people used various objects like shells and bones to create jewelry. As time progressed, people began learning how to work with the metals to create other types of jewelry as well. Precious metals were quite rare at the time and much of the jewelry created with it was used more for ceremonies and other religious practices.

Medieval Times

Between 1200 and 1500, jewelry changed drastically. Designers set to work creating pieces that involved gems and precious metals fit for royalty and nobles. They began to polish the stones, causing them to gleam and look unlike anything people had ever seen before. Goldsmiths began learning new techniques that allowed them to alter the color of the metal, creating incredible designs.

The Renaissance

The Renaissance is known for being the era where the world began to enter more modern times. Jewelry designers began approaching the jewelry they created with a different eye. Designers began experimenting with enamel, coating both sides of a gem to create a unique look. They also began changing the way that they cut stones, emphasizing the natural composition of the stone and causing the stones to sparkle in new ways.

The 17th and 18th Centuries

During the 17th and 18th centuries things began progressing quite fast and jewelry designers were unafraid of pushing the limits of what they thought they could do--and the sky was the limit! Global trade had expanded, making unique gemstones far more available around the world. The cutting techniques for these stones had changed again, giving designers more creative freedom to create more sparkle.

Designers became more adventurous, using opaque enamel to paint on metal jewelry. Large bodice and breast ornaments became the rage, adding more character and extravagance to gowns.

Male jewelry became more popular at this time as well, with designers crafting swords decorated with engravings and painted jewels.

The Industrial Revolution

Inspired by the industrial revolution occurring around the world, designers during the 19th century began experimenting with all kinds of different styles of jewelry. They began to fuse techniques and trends from the past with their new designs to create unique styles of jewelry.

Designers used metals and gems to create jewelry versions of plants, flowers, and fruits. This naturalistic jewelry became a huge hit and remained popular for a lot of this era.

The 20th Century

Art nouveau took over much of jewelry design in the 20th century. The imaginative style was so inspiring for designers that they began to fuse all kinds of techniques to create their jewelry. Gems were used less frequently, causing designers to opt for enamel, glass, and other methods to create stunning pieces. Soon after art deco took over, using smaller gems, more metal, and angular cuts to create gorgeous jewelry.

Other designers began looking at more simplistic and elegant designs as well to cater to those looking for something more classic and feminine.

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