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The Importance of Diamond Polishing

The Importance of Diamond Polishing

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The Importance of Diamond Polishing All Entries

The Importance of Diamond Polishing

One of the best parts of a diamond is its sparkle. These gemstones go through a rigorous process to get their shine, and one of the most important parts of that process is polishing.

Cutting a Diamond

After a diamond is mined, it must go through an intricate process before it is ready for the consumer. First, it must be cut.

Rough diamonds are cut down into smaller pieces before they are shaped and faceted. The cut of the stone is incredibly important and helps in determining the value of the stone. It also reflects light in an appealing way. The cut of a diamond is a major component in determining value, so it's vital for this step to be done with extreme care. Trained gem-cutters work diligently to ensure the stone is cut symmetrically, using either a laser or a diamond saw. 


The final and most important step in the diamond-cutting process is polishing the stone. A polished stone reflects the light, causing the stone to glitter. Gem-cutters use specialized tools to smooth down a cut diamond's surface.

It is a very long and time-consuming process, but definitely worth it for the final product. Using a blade made specifically for polishing diamonds, a gem-cutter will hold the diamond in various angles to ensure that each facet is polished and every coarse mark that was caused by the cutting process is removed.

Preserving Your Polish

Owning a diamond is a very big responsibility. The stone needs specific upkeep to ensure it stays as beautiful and valuable as the day you purchased it. The best way to do this is to have the stone routinely cleaned and professionally polished.

You can purchase at-home kits to have this done, but the results may be a bit underwhelming. The best way to keep your gemstone looking perfect and beautiful is to see a professional to have it polished. A professional will be able to take special care to thoroughly polish your stone and return it to its original, brilliant state.

How often should you have your diamond polished? Most professionals recommend professional polishes about one to two times a year to keep it in perfect condition. Diamonds tend to attract grease and dirt from our natural skin oils as well as lotions and being worn outside--so don’t forget to clean your rings regularly and schedule professional polishes.

If you have a diamond that you’re interested in selling, contact Ralph Mueller and Associates, or call us at 480.949.9299. We’re GIA certified and understand how important your most precious stones are.