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The Extremely Rare Star Ruby

The Extremely Rare Star Ruby

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The Extremely Rare Star Ruby All Entries

The Extremely Rare Star Ruby

The Star Ruby is one of the rarest types of rubies in the world. It is easily recognizable due to a phenomenon known as asterism which causes the stone to exhibit a six-rayed star-like pattern. Jewelry enthusiasts value the stone for its unique appearance and rarity. 

About the Star Ruby

Star Rubies were first discovered in Upper Myanmar or Burma. They were mined there for centuries until they were discovered in other countries across the world, including Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Australia and the United States.

The stones come in all different shades of red from deep blood to orange-red to a lighter more pinkish shade. But the most sought after shade is pigeon’s blood. Brown or violet-tinted rubies were discovered in Thailand. The gems have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, making them extremely durable.

Star Effect

The most recognizable aspect of the Star Ruby is in its name. The stone features intersecting inclusions that are typically made of the titanium oxide mineral rutile. The inclusions feature three lines that cross, creating a six-pointed star. 

The rutile needles form inside the ruby, making up tightly packed groups that are parallel to each other. They create a type of illusion that makes the star look almost like it’s floating on the stone’s surface. This occurrence is incredibly rare and is found in a tiny percentage of mined rubies.

Purchasing a Star Ruby

Because of the stone’s rarity, it’s nearly impossible to walk into any jewelry store and just buy a Star Ruby outright. It may take time to find one. It’s also important to be aware of what affects the value of the stone.

The Star Ruby's value is dependent on multiple factors. Color and carat weight are pretty standard when it comes to buying any gemstone, but you will also want to pay close attention to the ruby’s star. The more visible and intense the asterism is, the more valuable the stone.

The DeLong Star Ruby

One of the world’s most famous Star Rubies is known as the DeLong Star Ruby. The stone is named after its previous owner, Edith Haggin DeLong, who purchased it from renowned gem and mineral collector, Martin Leo Ehrmann, in 1937.

The 100.32 carat stone is known for its deep purplish-red color and its very sharp star. Soon after purchasing it, DeLong donated the ruby to the American Museum of Natural History where it was named in her honor. 

In 1964, the DeLong Star Ruby was stolen along with many other precious gems by the notorious Jack Roland Murphy and two accomplices. The stone was held for a $25,000 ransom. The kidnappers finally let it go, leaving it at a pick-up site in Palm Beach, Florida.

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