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How Diamonds Are Color Graded

How Diamonds Are Color Graded

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How Diamonds Are Color Graded All Entries

How Diamonds Are Color Graded

Diamonds are graded using a very specific method that breaks down what makes each stone unique. Gemologists assess their weight, cut, clarity, and more. One of the most important defining factors in a diamond is its color. 

The Importance of Color

Diamonds come in a wide range of colors from black to canary yellow, from pastel pink to deep blue. The most sought after and beloved diamond is the white, or colorless variety. So grading them is incredibly important to ensure consumers get the diamond they want most.

Grading Color

A diamond is first assessed when it is loose, before it is placed into a setting. This helps gemologists get a true look at the stone’s color without the influence of the metal mounting. The various colors of gold, silver, and platinum each have an effect on a stone’s appearance, so doing an evaluation on a loose stone helps ensure the most accurate rating.

There are many different labs that can perform diamond certification but the GIA, AGS, EGL, and IGI are the most popular. Each of these labs is unique in their work, but GIA and AGS are the top two most used labs in the world.

GIA and The AGS

GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, is the world’s most widely used and trusted lab to date. They not only provide gemological certification and assessments but education for gemologists as well. GIA is known for its strict grading systems. And it is also known for its consistency and for being on the cutting edge of research when it comes to diamonds and gems. 

The GIA grading scale uses letters and has become an industry standard. The scale is based on what you can’t see when you examine a diamond. The purest, colorless diamonds are given the grade D. Diamonds with the most color present are given the grade Z. The differences between each letter may seem subtle to the naked and untrained eye, but according to GIA, its all very important. Colorlessness is key when picking out the perfect white diamond, and GIA understands this. 

AGS, The American Gem Society, is focused on the science behind gemology. It has its own color grade that uses a number system instead of letters. A diamond that earns the highest grade of 0.0 is completely colorless and very rare. The lowest grade a diamond can earn is 10.0, which indicates that there is a lot of color visible in the stone.

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