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The Story of the Rare, Fiery Green Demantoid Garnet

The Story of the Rare, Fiery Green Demantoid Garnet

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The Story of the Rare, Fiery Green Demantoid Garnet All Entries

The Story of the Rare, Fiery Green Demantoid Garnet

Many people associate garnets with the color red because many of them come in a deep scarlet hue. What may be surprising is that there is an extremely rare variety of this stone that comes in a completely opposite color. 

The demantoid garnet is known for its unique green color that rivals that of an emerald. They are especially well known and revered for their sparkle and beauty.

History of Demantoid Garnets

Red garnets have been used in jewelry since ancient times. It was a favorite during the Late Antique Roman era and used frequently by “barbarians” after they conquered the territory of the Western Roman Empire. It’s a stone with many uses due to its hardness and beauty. 

In 1868, a discovery was made in the Ural Mountains of Russia along the Bobrovka River. Miners found what is known as an alluvial deposit. Alluvium is soil or sediment that has been eroded or reshaped by water. It is then re-deposited in an area outside of a marine setting. While sifting through the deposit they discovered a green gem material that was highly refractive.

Not long after, a second deposit was found along the Chusovaya and Chrisolitka Rivers. Miners also began finding them underground, discovering five more deposits. Since then, demantoid deposits have been found all around the world in countries like Namibia, Italy, and Madagascar.

Naming the Stone

The miners were taken by the gem’s shine and unique color. They noted that the way it reflected light was even greater than that of a diamond. They began calling it a “demantoid,” taken from the German word for diamond “demant” and the ancient Greek word “eidos” which means “alike.” The name managed to stick.

Falling in Love With Demantoid

It didn’t take long for everyone to fall in love the demantoids. Peter Carl Faberge, the jeweler most known for his extravagant Faberge eggs, began creating jewelry highlighting the gemstone’s beauty. But as Russia turned to communism, the stone’s popularity in the country decreased at a rapid pace.

Jewelry enthusiasts are still clamoring to get their hands on the gorgeous and rare stone. One of its most popular features is what’s known to gemologists as “fire.” Fire describes the rainbow-colored flashes that reflect in the stone’s light. The color of the stone ranges from deep green to bright yellowish-green.

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