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Some of the World's Most Valuable Gemstones

Some of the World's Most Valuable Gemstones

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Some of the World's Most Valuable Gemstones All Entries

Some of the World's Most Valuable Gemstones

There are multiple factors that can affect the value of a gemstone regardless of what type it is. The stone’s cut, carat weight, clarity, and color all go into determining how much the stone is worth. There are also various varieties of stones that are incredibly rare, driving up the value even more. We’ll take a look at some of the world’s most valuable stones and what makes them so precious to consumers and gemologists alike.

Red Diamond

Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors ranging from the classic colorless to chocolate brown and everywhere between, but one of the most desired--and expensive--is the red diamond. As of 2015, there were just 20-30 of them in the world making them one of the rarest stones we know of. One of the most famous red diamonds is the Moussaieff Red Diamond. The stone weighs just over 5.1 carats and is worth over $8 million.


The Alexandrite stone was first discovered in Russia during the 1830s and was named after Czar Alexander II. The stone is most recognizable for its color, which appears emerald green in the light and deep red in dimmer light. The world’s largest Alexandrite stone, weighing 65.08 carats, is on display at the Smithsonian Institute.


The benitoite stone’s value is due to the fact that it has more “fire” or dispersion than a diamond. This sparkle makes it a highly desired gemstone among collectors and gemologists. It comes in a variety of other colors, like pink and purple, but the deep sapphire blue is the most recognizable and beloved tone. It was first discovered in San Benito, California and has since become the state gemstone.

Fire Opal

The fire opal is one of the rarest varieties of opal in the world and one of the most valuable. Mexico is the world’s primary source for the stone, but it has also been found in Ethiopia. It comes in a variety of colors but red is the most sought after and valued color.


The grandidierite is an incredibly unique stone due to its strong trichroic pleochroism, or ability to appear as three different colors depending on how you look at it. The stone can either be seen as colorless or light yellow, dark green, or a deep blue-green. It was first discovered in 1902 in Madagascar. It’s an incredibly rare stone making it worth up to $20,000 per carat.

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