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The History of Rose Gold

The History of Rose Gold

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The History of Rose Gold All Entries

The History of Rose Gold

White and yellow are two of the most popular shades of gold. They’re classic and create beautiful looks, but sometimes a person wants to add a bit more color to their jewelry. Rose gold is the perfect option for this and has become incredibly popular. The pinkish-hue of the metal adds a delicate feminine flair to any piece of jewelry.

How Rose Gold Is Created

Gold, which is a naturally yellow mineral, is one of the softest metals in existence. To strengthen it, other metals are mixed in. This can also alter the color of the gold, creating golds that range from white to green and red to black. To get the pinky color of rose gold, copper and zinc are mixed in with the mineral. For more red-toned gold, jewelers will mix just copper in with the gold. 

History of Rose Gold

The first use of rose gold occurred in Russia during the early 19th century. The creator of Faberge Eggs, jeweler Carl Faberge, mixed copper into gold to create what he named Russian gold. He used it to create the bejeweled eggs and other pieces of jewelry for the czars.

As the color gained popularity among other jewelers, it was renamed rose gold. More and more women began choosing the metal for their engagement rings and other types of fine jewelry during the 1920s. Wearers loved it for the feminine and luxurious look of it. 

Shortly after, platinum became the metal of choice, until World War II began and platinum use was restricted for the war effort. Trends turned back to yellow and rose gold for awhile until after the war ended. 

Recently the pinkish metal has regained popularity. Jewelers have been using it to create trendy and feminine pieces of jewelry, including engagement rings. It’s beloved for its warm hue and how flattering it is with most skin tones, as well as how it works with gems of all colors. 

The Trinity Ring

French writer, filmmaker, and artist Jean Cocteau commissioned famous jeweler Cartier to create a unique and beautiful pinkie ring for him. Inspired by the rings of Saturn, he asked his close friend Louis Cartier to design a ring that would fit what he envisioned. What Louis came up with was three rings made of white, yellow, and rose gold intertwined. 

If you’re thinking of selling your rose gold jewelry, Ralph Mueller and Associates can help make the process easy. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and have a lab that allows us to perform on-site evaluations of your gemstones and jewelry. Call us at 480.949.9299 to learn more.