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The Brilliant History of Diamonds

The Brilliant History of Diamonds

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The Brilliant History of Diamonds All Entries

The Brilliant History of Diamonds

Nothing says love, power, or status better than a diamond. These gorgeous stones have long been a favorite and don’t seem to be going anywhere. There’s something about them that is very classic while still remaining very modern. Diamonds come in a variety of colors but colorless has remained a top seller. 

A Quick History Lesson on Diamond Jewelry

So where did the very first diamond come from? No one is really sure, but the youngest diamonds were formed around 900 million years ago. The earliest references to the glittery stone come from Indian texts from over 3000 years ago. Buddhists from as early as the 4th century revered the stone for its natural fire, or how it reflects light. They believed that wearing the stones could protect them from evil. 

During the Middle Ages, many believed that diamonds had healing properties. They had some interesting ideas on what could heal someone who was sick. Some people believed that ingesting a stone could cure certain illnesses, while others thought that if an ill person performed the sign of the cross while holding a diamond, they’d be healed. 

The popularity of diamonds dipped for a short time before DeBeers changed the market in the late 19th century.

The Ad Campaign That Changed Everything

In 1866, diamond mines were discovered in Kimberley, South Africa. This new discovery caused the market to be flooded with diamonds. This piqued the interest of some British businessmen. They opened new mines to control the flow of diamonds entering the market. DeBeers Consolidated Mines Ltd led the charge. 

The company began changing how diamonds were not only marketed, but how they were cut and polished. These advances completely changed the industry, increasing efficiency, creating more beautiful stones, and reducing costs. 

DeBeers continued to revolutionize the industry, and in 1938 decided to change the way people saw diamonds. The company recruited NW Ayer, an ad agency in New York City, to help them with their new image. The agency went to work on the marketing. In 1947, a copywriter for the company came up with the iconic slogan that DeBeers has used ever since: “A Diamond is Forever.” 

The company’s wholesale diamond sales in the United States grew exponentially from 1939 to 1979, increasing from $23 million to $2.1 billion in just four decades. 

Ralph Mueller and Associates has been in the diamond business for nearly 30 years. It’s an industry that we are passionate about and we want to share that passion with our clientele. To find out how much we will buy your diamond jewelry for, contact us at 480.949.9299.