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The Importance of Diamond Symmetry

The Importance of Diamond Symmetry

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The Importance of Diamond Symmetry All Entries

The Importance of Diamond Symmetry

Diamonds are one of the most important gemstones in the world, so that requires them to be carefully inspected and graded by gemologists. They received grades on their color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The cut grade for a diamond is based upon multiple factors, including its symmetry. 

What Is Diamond Symmetry?

When gemologists look at a diamond’s symmetry, they are checking its facets to see how well they are aligned. If the facets are misaligned and don’t match up, it can affect the appearance of the diamond as well as how it reflects the light. 

Diamond Brilliance

A well-cut diamond will reflect the light in a way that will enhance its natural fire. It causes it to shimmer and shine in a way that is appealing and captures the true beauty of the stone. If the facets are off-center, the stone will not catch the light like it's supposed to and will cause the light to exit the bottom of the stone, instead of reflecting the light back. The stone will appear dull and far less appealing to designers and shoppers alike. 

Grades of Symmetry

The Gemological Institue of America, which is behind the most commonly used diamond grading system, also created grades for a diamond’s symmetry. Gemologists will look at a stone at 10x magnification to give these grades, basing them upon the presence of deviations and the visibility of them. They will check for missing or extra facets, any misalignment, and an off-center table. After that, they will give a grade of either 'excellent,' 'very good,' 'good,' 'fair,' or 'poor.'

Excellent symmetry stones have very few or no deviations and there are no extra or missing facets in the stone. Stones that receive 'very good' grades may have a couple of small deviations, slight misalignment, or facet that is misshapen. To the naked eye, it may be nearly impossible to see these deviations. The Good grade is given to stones whose brilliance could be affected due to a missing facet or if the pavilion angle is off. Diamonds that receive the Fair grade are far less brilliant than those with high grades due to several deviations and misalignments. And finally, the Poor symmetry grade is for diamonds that have multiple obvious deviations due to things like misshapen and off facets, and will more likely look dull in appearance.

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