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Things to Consider When Buying Amethyst Jewelry

Things to Consider When Buying Amethyst Jewelry

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Things to Consider When Buying Amethyst Jewelry All Entries

Things to Consider When Buying Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is a type of crystal quartz identified by purple hues. It is closely related to yellow quartz (citrine) and the pink-colored rose quartz. Amethyst jewels used to be just as valuable and sought after as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies, until large deposits of the purple crystal quartz were discovered in Brazil. This made amethyst more easily accessible and affordable. That's why you'll see amethyst used in mass-market jewelry, as well as specially-made custom pieces.

Amethyst Gemstones: Overview

Today, amethyst is a popular choice for jewelry settings for many reasons. The color purple is known historically as a symbol of royalty. It therefore evokes the idea of nobility and luxury. Amethyst is the birthstone of February and is often seen in birthday jewelry gifts. It also has a background in spiritually rich traditions, known for healing properties and clarifying energy.

An amethyst’s beautiful crystal colors range from light violet or lavender to a deep, vivid purple. The variations of light and dark hues are created by irradiation, iron impurities, and trace elements. The stones with the most saturated color are called ‘Deep Siberian’ or ‘Deep Russian’ and tend to be more popular and expensive.

Making Informed Shopping Choices With Amethyst Jewelry

Color is the most important quality when determining an amethyst’s value. Sometimes there is inconsistent color that looks diluted or unevenly spread within the crystal. This is referred to as 'zoning.' Color zoning is visible when the jewel is placed on a white background. Any obvious brownish-bronze tints or color zoning lowers the value of the jewel.

Crystal quartz is a common semi-precious stone which is sourced naturally all over the world, but it can also be lab-grown. Amethyst is durable enough for everyday wear, but exposure to high heat and sunlight can compromise the gem's colors.

Good clarity of an amethyst is known in the market as “eye-clean,” this means the gem doesn’t have any inclusions (trapped minerals, cracks, or bubbles) that are visible to the eye. Minor inclusions in amethysts are generally overlooked if the color is rich.

Amethysts can be cut in all types of standard industry shapes and facet styles and is also popular for freeform cutting, since crystal quartz is softer than other precious stones. The use of facets is also common, as they increase the light reflecting off the gemstone. Amethyst is a good choice for bigger center stones in jewelry settings because the price doesn’t increase with carat weight, so larger cuts are more affordable.

Contact Us to Buy or Sell Your Amethyst Jewelry

The aesthetically versatile colors and cuts available with amethyst gems provide a myriad of options for beautiful jewelry. Pieces can be simple and minimalist or elegant and elaborate. A very classy and popular gem, amethyst can be found in any style of jewelry; earring and necklace sets, statement pieces, bracelets, and even as an alternative engagement ring.

Whether you want to buy or sell amethyst jewelry, we can help you find the right piece with an incredible value, or offer a reliable professional appraisal that will help you make an informed selling decision. Robert Mueller & Associates has an impeccable reputation in the jewelry trade and established worldwide connections. We provide an unparalleled shopping experience in Phoenix with product quality, selection, and service. Contact us to learn more.