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Understanding the Value of Vintage Diamond Rings

Understanding the Value of Vintage Diamond Rings

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Understanding the Value of Vintage Diamond Rings All Entries

Understanding the Value of Vintage Diamond Rings

Collecting vintage diamond rings can be a worthwhile hobby or an investment. Either way, they potentially gain value over time if you give them proper care. Here's a look at why vintage diamond rings attract collectors and how they are valued by jewelers and gemologists.

Factors Behind Diamond Value

Most merchandise on the market doesn't hold value over time, which is partly why vintage diamond rings, by contrast, are so timeless and special. One of the most defining characteristics of any diamond's value is how rare it is. The more rare the diamond, the more valuable it is. Of course, authenticity matters as well. 

The next important aspect of a diamond's value is its quality. About half the diamonds that are mined today can be considered to have good enough quality to rise in value over a period of years. Polished high quality diamonds are extremely rare, which is why they command high prices. The four main factors for determining diamond value are carat weight, color, cut and clarity

How Age Contributes to Value

The terms "vintage" and "antique" are not usually used interchangeably among collectors or vendors that market used merchandise. Vintage specifically refers to items that are older than a generation, whereas antique commonly refers to an item that's over 100 years old. Many professionals, however, still use loose versions of these definitions with the understanding that vintage means somewhat old, compared with antiques, which are much older. 

The age and quality of diamonds also contribute to their value, as not all jewelry survives the test of time. If vintage diamond rings get damaged or lose their sparkle, they will likely not grow in value. But if you maintain them in top condition, they can be tremendously profitable for the investor. The rings will also gain considerably in value if they were once owned by a famous person or have some connection with history.

Actual Vintage vs Vintage Style

Sometimes the term "vintage" is applied to a ring's cut rather than its age. In other words, it may be cut intentionally to have a vintage appearance. After all, diamonds only became hugely popular starting in the Great Depression, as movies associated them with love, marriage, and success. Even someone born this century can appreciate eras of the not-so-distant past and the cultural symbolic imagery that goes with them. 

Actual vintage diamond rings typically aren't accompanied by a GIA or AGS certificate. These certificates have become essential for verifying when the diamond was cut. For this reason, some people stay away from actual antiques and vintage jewelry and opt for newer certified versions of diamonds that project a classic look. 


Working with diamond experts that you trust can help ensure that you get fair market value for your vintage diamond rings. Ralph Mueller & Associates is a jeweler that has served the Greater Phoenix area for over 30 years. We've worked with diamond buyers and sellers all over the world. Contact us at Ralph Mueller & Associates to learn more about our selection of vintage diamond rings and the value of your jewelry