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The Beauty and Power of Black Opal

The Beauty and Power of Black Opal

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The Beauty and Power of Black Opal All Entries

The Beauty and Power of Black Opal

Opal is a mineral-like gem found in nature that doesn't have crystalline properties. The most common opals are white, gray, and green, whereas the most rare and valuable are black. Here are important facts to know about black opal and how it communicates prestige in the business world.

Black Opal Characteristics

A striking feature of the black opal gem is its dark body tone and how it blends with colorful reflections. The reason it's associated with power is for its stunning, surreal appearance. It looks as if it were created by an abstract artist. In some cases dark blue or dark green opals are also referred to as black.

Since the gem has the ability to split light into different colors, it's said to have fire color. The range of fire color includes white, blue, red, and orange. Against a dark body tone, this color contrast looks rather wild. The overall appearance can either be transparent, translucent or opaque.

Most of the world's black opals are found in the rocks of Australia, where it's celebrated as the national gemstone. It was discovered there in the 19th century and was otherwise extremely rare until then, but flaunted by royalty. Other places where the gems are mined include Ethiopia, Mexico, Nevada, and Canada.

Interestingly, NASA discovered opal deposits on Mars in 2008. Some people might think of black opal as having a sci-fi quality. Others associate it with the ability to predict business success. It's also the birthstone for October.

In many ways, these beautiful gems are beyond description and simply convey wonder. Since no two opals look the same and are defined by unique patterns and color schemes, it's often difficult to decide which one to purchase. You can look at a dozen different black opal rings and simply want them all, especially if it has a multicolor effect.

How Black Opal Is Appraised

Opal tone is measured by the International Gem Society on a scale from N1 (black) to N9 (white). A professional gemologist will base the appraisal on whether the opal is natural, treated, composite, synthetic, or imitation.

Synthetic opal was developed in the 1970s and is very difficult for consumers to distinguish from authentic versions. These synthetics contain plastic and are manufactured in Japan. Expert gemologists, however, can determine authenticity using magnification for analysis of color and patterns.

Unlike diamonds, black opals are graded on a more subjective level due to every stone having incredible uniqueness. The most valuable black opals command a price around $15,000. Key value factors include stone size and the quality of the cut and polish. If you decide to purchase this gem, give it extra special care since it can easily degrade. It's considered more delicate than diamonds.


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