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Variety in Fancy Color Sapphire Stones

Variety in Fancy Color Sapphire Stones

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Variety in Fancy Color Sapphire Stones All Entries

Variety in Fancy Color Sapphire Stones

Most people think of the color blue when they hear or read the word sapphire. That's because blue is the most common color for the gem, while other colors are rare. The general color range of most sapphires is from a greenish-blue tint to violet blue. The rest are known as fancy color sapphire stones.

Reflecting Colors of the Rainbow

Aside from the diverse shades of blue, sapphire stones take on a more unique appearance when they are yellow, orange, purple, violet, green, or pink. They can also be found in gray, black and brown. If a natural sapphire stone encompasses two of more colors, it's known as particolored.

Australia is a rich source of particolored sapphires, although they are still rare. Natural sapphire generally is mined all over the world, including the United States. Kashmir is a source for the stones that command the highest value.

Pink sapphire has a higher value than other colors and crosses over into the definition of a ruby with a certain color saturation. A pink-orange version of the gem called Padparadscha is among the most rare and valuable types of fancy color sapphire stones. Sapphire can also be colorless, which is why it can be used as an alternative to a diamond for jewelry.

Testing Under a Light

A sapphire stone that appears to be shaped like a star under light is called a "star sapphire." If it's red, it's known as a "star ruby." Some rarities appear to have two stars on one stone or the look of a star with 12 rays.

Another rare type of sapphire is called "color-change sapphire," in which colors change under different light sources. These stones might look blue in sunlight, yet turn purple under a traditional incandescent lighting system. Some of the places where these gems can be found are in Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Synthetic versions of the gem have been manufactured for the past century. In order to determine whether a stone is natural and untreated or synthetic, it's best to consult a GIA-certified gemologist. That way you can get a professional evaluation that documents the authenticity and quality of the gem.

Meaning of Fancy Color Sapphire Stones

Every gemstone conveys some type of meaning as a gift. Sapphire is a birthstone for September and associates with 45th anniversaries. While blue stones symbolize royalty, wisdom and virtue, fancy color sapphire stones can take on a wide array of artistic and romantic connotations.

Fancy color sapphire stones have universal appeal and can worn for any occasion. One of the most stunning ways to get attention at a party is to wear a multicolored sapphire necklace blended with silver, gold or platinum.


Not only are fancy color sapphire stones among the rarest stones on earth, they project a captivating beauty that can't be ignored. Contact Ralph Mueller & Associates for more information on finding the most colorful authentic gems, as we've helped Arizonans connect with unique jewelry for over three decades.