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How To Rock Multiple Gems

How To Rock Multiple Gems

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How To Rock Multiple Gems All Entries

How To Rock Multiple Gems

While makeup and clothes complement your appearance, they’re not enough to look stunning. Sometimes, you need multiple gems to complete your image. Aside from making you confident, mixing jewelry lets you show off your favorite pieces. But how do you wear multiple gems without committing a fashion crime?

  1. Don’t Overdo It

Before wearing multiple gems, consider their effect on your outfit and natural appearance. You may look gaudy with too much jewelry at the same time, even if it's attractive. Likewise, the gem should match your size. For instance, small pieces might get lost on large bodies. Conversely, wearing large jewelry on small bodies confuses onlookers.

The ornament could also slip off or leave you sore if its size is wrong. This goes hand in hand with the jewelry’s weight. Taking the case of heavy chains, they’re better with thick fabrics like denim instead of thin ones like silk.

  1. Know the Occasion

How you wear multiple gems depends on your environment. For example, parties allow you to express your style and explore trends. After all, friends would be more forgiving of your fashion flops. The idea is making a statement without overshadowing your personality. When it comes to the office, pick stones that don’t distract you or your coworkers. Tasteful jewelry may increase your bargaining power during client meetings but don’t create the impression of trying too hard. You can combine a ring, necklace, and earrings with a bracelet or watch.

How about weddings? In this case, consider your outfit before picking the gems; you can wear V-necks with chokers and tiny earrings. For strapless necklines, ditch the necklaces for bolder pieces like chandelier earrings, bracelets, and cocktail rings. Note that your jewelry doesn’t have to match with your clothes; complementing each other is enough.

  1. Have a Centerpiece

Though you can match accessories, your look becomes too predictable. A statement watch, shiny earrings, chunky bangles; you name it, select a focal piece when dealing with multiple gems. Use this centerpiece with smaller, less flashy ornaments like thin rings or bracelets.

What if your gems are equal? In the absence of a focal piece, arrange your jewelry according to size. For instance, combine long necklaces with shorter ones and thin bangles with thicker ones. Layering draws attention to particular body parts without looking like you wore all your pieces at once. Another option is merging gems with similar textures for coordination. While at it, ignore metals like buckles and zippers.

  1. Color Matters

Color features prominently in jewelry traditions. For instance, engagement rings are mainly lustrous white metals. Similarly, wedding bands match engagement rings, seeing they’re worn together. But when it comes to multiple gems, you need color for a vibrant look. There are several ways to mix gemstone shades. The first one is merging complementary colors. Since they’re each other’s opposite, these colors are perfect for making bold statements; take the example of a yellow pendant and purple bead necklace.

You could also mix monochromatic hues; these are variations of one color. You can choose coral and ruby gems if you love red. Another tip is repeating a gem’s color on your clothes, shoes, or handbag. That way, the pattern appears more intentional. 

Experiment With Multiple Gems

The secret to rocking multiple gems is trying different combinations. But you don’t need special events to experiment with jewelry. Provided the styling is right, you can wear multiple gems daily. If you have pieces of jewlery with multiple gems that you'd like to sell or get appraised, our team at Ralph Mueller & Associates can help. Contact us today to get started.