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The Best Diamond Cleaner and Proper Jewelry Cleaning Methods

The Best Diamond Cleaner and Proper Jewelry Cleaning Methods

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The Best Diamond Cleaner and Proper Jewelry Cleaning Methods All Entries

The Best Diamond Cleaner and Proper Jewelry Cleaning Methods

Wearing jewelry is not a problem for most owners, whereas keeping it clean can be a problem if you forget or haven't learned to do it with care. If you want diamonds to sparkle all the time, you'll need to clean it once in awhile. The best diamond cleaner is a GIA-certified jeweler who understands safe solutions for sparkle and durability.

Importance of Cleaning Jewelry

Any type of jewels, no matter how attractive, are subject to being marginalized or degraded due to neglect. Oil and dirt getting into jewelry simply can't be avoided unless you keep it locked in an airtight container. Letting bacteria build up on a ring can lead to skin irritation. If it's jewelry you cherish, such as an engagement ring, always remember to clean it regularly, which is a great way to ensure its durability.

If it's been awhile since your jewelry has had a cleaning, deep layers of compressed dirt and debris can develop. In that case, make sure you take it to a GIA-certified specialist.

Maintaining a Diamond's Sparkle

On one hand, a diamond is a hard natural substance that for the most part is indestructible. It takes a diamond, for example, to cut another diamond. Yet the oil from a human finger can quickly compromise the gem's shine. Due to the fact diamonds easily attract dirt and grease, they are relatively difficult to keep clean without the help of water and a degreasing solution.

The combination of warm water and a bit of mild dish soap is a common simple solution for keeping a diamond clean. Many professionals agree the best diamond cleaner is soap and water. Using a soft clean toothbrush can remove dirt safely if you're careful not to apply much force. Cleaning your diamond a few times a week with this patient and careful method is often all you need to keep it shining.

Any type of metal, such as rings, can be cleaned using this same approach. Just make sure you're not using any kind of abrasive or chemical solution, which can cause metal to lose its color, even if it's durable gold, silver or platinum. Hydrogen peroxide is a reliable cleaner for silver and gold, especially if it's mixed with Windex. It not only removes dirt from metal, but bacteria as well. Vinegar works better as a cleaning agent for silver.

Other cleaning solutions exist for gemstones, such as light beer for gold, but definitely not diamonds or other gems. The best approach is to learn from the original jeweler who sells you the item what's the best way to keep it clean. Check your warranty just to make sure it's covered no matter how you decide to clean it. Some jewelers offer lifetime service for free cleaning.

Steps To Cleaning Jewelry

  1. Fill up a bowl with warm soapy water.
  2. Let soap soak for about a half hour.
  3. Use a soft toothbrush gently on jewelry.
  4. Let jewelry air dry or gently use a soft cloth.

Be careful not to damage any type of delicate jewelry. Never use conventional household liquid or powdered cleaners like bleach or chlorine, which contain chemicals that are harmful to base metals. Another cleaning method to avoid is an ultrasonic machine that scrubs hard, which can loosen stones and cause them to fall out and get lost in the machine.


Getting your jewelry cleaned at the same place it was purchased has significant advantages, especially if the jeweler is familiar with the item. Contact us at Ralph Mueller & Associates for more information on proper care for your jewelry.