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The Allure and Variety of Garnet Stones

The Allure and Variety of Garnet Stones

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The Allure and Variety of Garnet Stones All Entries

The Allure and Variety of Garnet Stones

Love and devotion are feelings closely associated with garnet stones, which have been around since the bronze age. This fiery January birthstone has traditionally also been linked to truth, commitment, courage, hope and passion. It comes in every color, as blue is rare while red is common. Here are some other interesting points to know about garnet stones.

Unique Yet Affordable

Jewelry enthusiasts love uniqueness. What makes garnet stones so unique is that they are semi-precious, yet they aren't that expensive. Smaller versions with attractive colors and limited inclusions have a value of about $500 per carat, while the larger stones can be worth over 10 times more. Garnets generally are plentiful, but the rarest type of garnet is called Demantoid, which emphasizes brilliance and fire.

Fine jewelry, which includes garnet stones, has become increasingly popular, as buyers search the globe for non-traditonal gems to communicate special feelings. Garnets are special because of the variety they give you in size, color and luster. The different color selection includes green, yellow, gold, orange, pink, violent, purple, brown, and black. At one time, garnets were often mistaken as rubies.

Garnets make exceptionally stunning engagement rings or jewelry to symbolize friendship and trust. Spiritual people view them as having healing properties that can overcome depression, based on ancient folklore.

Different Types of Garnets

There are seven main types of garnets in the world, with Almandine being the most popular. This gem is often a blend of scarlet and brown in color. Demantoid, which is found in Russia, was once a more common green gem promoted by Tiffany & Co. in the early twentieth century, but is now considered rare. Another rare type of garnet is Spessartine, which ranges in color from yellow to orange to red, and is more associated with the analytical side of the mind.

Tsavorite, which resembles an emerald for its green shades, is somewhat new on the scene, as it was discovered in the 1970s. More reddish-colored garnets include Rhodolite and Grape, while Pyrope leans more toward violet with minimal inclusions and excellent transparency. Almandines tend to have a low number of flaws. Color is an imporant factor that adds to the value of garnets, while clarity can be more variable in value depending on the type.

Demandtoid stones are mostly used for necklaces and pins, contrasting all the other types of garnets found in wearable jewelry, such as rings and earrings. The overall appearance of garnet stones is classy with refractive shine. They can add energy to attire with beautiful sparkles. They also match well with gold and silver.

Adding Customization and Care

While garnets already stand out as unique, they can be made to look even more artistic with customized cuts. Even a minimalistic design can add character to the jewel. Engraving a loved one's name on the stone makes it more personal, precious, and timeless. As the gem is already a reminder of natural beauty, a series of garnets can project the appearance of grapes on vines.

Since garnets are relatively soft compared to other stones (hardness 6.5-7.5), they can easily get scratched, so they need to be mounted and treated with care on a daily basis. Garnets can be protected using a protective bezel or halo setting and are safely cleaned in warm soapy water with a soft brush.


Investing in garnets will add diversity to your jewelry collection at an affordable price. Contact us at Ralph Mueller & Associates to learn more about how Arizonans can get the best quality and price on both rare and popular gems.