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Wondering Where To Sell Old Jewelry? Take it To a Gemologist First

Wondering Where To Sell Old Jewelry? Take it To a Gemologist First

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Wondering Where To Sell Old Jewelry? Take it To a Gemologist First All Entries

Wondering Where To Sell Old Jewelry? Take it To a Gemologist First

Do you have forgotten old jewelry that never gets worn that might mean more if you traded it for cash? Though there may be brick-and-mortar stores in your region, such as used jewelery stores and pawn shops, you should ultimately place it in the hands of a trusted professional before selling it. Here are tips for getting the best deal before deciding how to sell it. 

Places and People Who Buy Old Jewelry

The easiest way to sell anything these days is to find its market of online buyers, which can often be accomplished using web-based marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. But that doesn't mean you'll always get the best deal as a seller on those platforms. If you really want to know where to sell old jewelry, you should first check with a GIA-certified gemologist to get your jewels appraised.

A gemologist studies the various factors that determine the value of gemstones and precious metals. Selling your old jewelry online without first getting it professionally appraised can be a costly mistake. Knowing the current fair market value gives you a better perspective on when it's best to sell. The value of any jewel depends on the material and its constantly fluctuating market value, its age, condition, and appearance.

Gemologists have the professional precision tools to accurately weigh and measure different types of gems. They are also able to examine flaws and use industry scoring methods for determining condition. The more degraded an old gem is, the less likely you'll get the value you might have hoped for in exchange for cash. The more unique it is while maintaining limited or no inclusions, the more likely it could be worth more than you expect.

Arizona has a vibrant community of GIA-certified jewelery buyers and sellers, such as Ralph Mueller & Associates. The company has been in business since 1983, serving the statewide market of fine jewelry and precious gems enthusiasts, while tapping into the global marketplace.

Demand for Old Jewelry

One of the most crucial things affecting old jewelry value, regardless of age, rarity, and aesthetics, is current market demand. It's basic economics in the sense that gems in high demand will generate more predictable sales compared to jewelry that has low demand. Supply becomes a factor if demand gets so high, a jewelery type sells out and can't be replaced fast enough, which drives the value up. Regardless of demand, getting your jewelry piece appraised can give you valuable information before you sell it. 


Knowing where to sell old jewelry and the steps to get the most from your transaction requires connecting with a certified and experienced gemologist who regularly appraises various types of jewelry. Contact us at Ralph Mueller & Associates to learn more about how to get the most of your jewelry before selling or to inquire about our buying and selling services.