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Reasons for Seeking Fine Jewelry

Reasons for Seeking Fine Jewelry

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Reasons for Seeking Fine Jewelry All Entries

Reasons for Seeking Fine Jewelry

The two main types of jewelry are the more affordable costume jewelry and the more authentic fine jewelry. Investors in fine jewelry tend to be individuals who have studied precious metals and the world of gemology. They understand the power of these high-end investments in holding value. Here's a look at what attracts people to fine jewelry.

What Defines Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is typically made of durable materials such as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emerald. Costume jewelry usually comes from copper, aluminum or brass. Since fine jewelry is made to last a long time, it is commonly worn daily. It differs from fashion jewelry, which is also known as costume jewelry. One of the reasons fashion jewelry is cheaper is because it often comprises of base metals plated with precious metals.

Another factor that sets fine jewelry apart is that since it's so durable and holds value, it can be passed down to the next generation. While fashion jewelry is meant to be inexpensive, fine jewelry costs more because it often uses rare gems. The term "fine jewelry" can also represent valuable precious metals and gemstones from the era of industrialization and mass production that began in the mid-nineteenth century through the present.

Some of the popular trends of the broader fine jewelry era include Art Nouveau around the early 1900s and Art Deco in the 1920s. The most defining factors of fine jewelry are the materials used in the production. One way it has become more affordable over the years has been through combining expensive and low-cost materials.

The Attraction of Fine Jewelry

Many people wear fine jewelry because it makes them feel better about themselves in public. Showing off sparkling authentic precious metals and gemstones is a way of telling society, "I've made it and feel good about myself." Historically worn by royalty, fine jewelry became popularized by celebrities in early Hollywood films and glamour magazines with colorful photography.

Know What You're Buying

Part of shopping for any type of jewelry is knowing how to evaluate its authenticity and who to turn to for advice about it. Be careful of certain merchandise that might be marketed as pure jewelry but is really made of lesser-valued material that are chemically-treated or simply gold-plated. The best way to avoid getting misled is to work with a jeweler that's also a certified Gemological Institute of America (GIA) member.

GIA members follow industry standards in appraising various types of jewels and gems. For diamonds, they will check the "4Cs" (color, clarity, cut, carat) and for precious metals, they'll use weight and current market prices, along with factors that measure purity and quality. You'll get a fair appraisal from a GIA member, whereas an industry outsider might give a questionable quote.


Investing in fine jewelry is a popular choice in America because of its associations with success, value, and beauty. To get the best deals on this more expensive jewelry, be sure to work with a GIA-certified jeweler such as Ralph Mueller & Associates. We've helped Arizonans find the jewelry of their dreams for three decades.