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Special Considerations in Engagement Ring Buying

Special Considerations in Engagement Ring Buying

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Special Considerations in Engagement Ring Buying All Entries

Special Considerations in Engagement Ring Buying

The best way to become knowledgeable about different types of engagement rings is to gain access to a ring buying guide. The four most common types listed on GIA's website are solitaire, sidestone, three stone, and pavee. Here's a closer look at your ring buying options. 

Common Engagement Ring Settings 

Solitare rings are composed of a single stone and are the most popular type of engagement ring. Designs involve the head, which secures the diamond ,while a certain number of prongs are used to position how the gemstone catches light. The more prongs, the greater security, while a less amount of the diamond is displayed.     

A sidestone ring configuration involves placing a diamond or other gemstone alongside the main stone as a design strategy for adding more sparkle or color. Widely used sidestone settings include the protective "channel" option and the more light-intensive "bar-channel."

The three stone layout encompases three diamonds to represent past, present, and future. Usually the center stone is the largest of the three. The fourth most popular engagement ring design is called pavee, which emphasizes the main stone surrounded by smaller stones.

The ring setting design should be based on the bride's lifestyle, such as whether or not she participates in outdoor activities. The more active a woman is, the more sturdy the stones must be to avoid the problem of the ring getting caught on other objects.       

Design Preference Considerations

Various factors go into how the stones on an engagement ring are set, which is important to understand before ring buying. The woman's preference for diamond shape is an essential consideration, along with cutting styles and limiting the number of facets to emphasize clarity.  Round, oval, and marquise shapes are easier to craft for designers compared with pearl and heart shapes. Round shapes have a more traditonal look, while unusual shapes are favored by women who embrace uniqueness.

For gentlemen who must shop on a budget, it's important not to waste money on the wrong choice. The main factors to understand about how diamonds are valued besides shape and cut quality are color and clarity. The more pure, clear, and colorless a diamond is, the more expensive it will be.

Another consideration is matching the ring's style with what the bride typically likes to wear such as casual vs. formal attire or modern vs. retro or vintage styles.

Instead of ring buying being a stressful experience, the right decision can be made by balancing between beauty and affordability. Setting a budget is the first step, but it's not necessary for grooms to follow the advice of people who say they need to save up at least two months worth of paychecks. The budget should be based more on what makes sense for the couple as opposed to living up to anyone else's standards.


Engagement ring buying can be both exciting and challenging. The key is to learn the basics of how diamonds are valued and different types of ring settings. It helps to begin with a budget then decide between the most attractive options. Contact us at Ralph Mueller & Associates today to learn more.