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Are Colored Diamonds Worth More Money?

Are Colored Diamonds Worth More Money?

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Are Colored Diamonds Worth More Money? All Entries

Are Colored Diamonds Worth More Money?

One of the most commonly asked questions in the industry is if colored diamonds are worth more than regular diamonds. While it would be wonderful to have a finite answer, it's a mixed yes and no answer. There are a few reasons behind this. It  depends on the type of diamond, the "color" of the diamond, and the diamond buyer. 

Rare Diamonds Are More Valuable

Beyond comparing colored versus uncolored, the major thing you want to consider is rare versus common. The more rare a diamond is the more valuable it will be - despite the color. Since it's human nature to place value on rarity, diamond value is based on supply and demand.

Trends In The Diamond Industry

Whether you are buying diamonds or selling diamonds to a diamond buyer, you  want to be aware of the latest and greatest trends for diamonds. For example, the year that Paris Hilton was proposed to with a canary yellow diamond engagement ring. it increased the trends for this type of diamond. The increased demand caused the value of the canary yellow diamond to go up.  

Colored Diamond Categories – Affordable to Ultra Rare

While there are thousands of different colors of diamonds, there are only 4 main categories to colored diamonds.

They are:

- Affordable: These colors can include gray, brown, and yellow. which make a really good alternative option to white diamonds.

- Mid-Ranged:  While these colored diamonds do come in intense colors like the yellow or orange, they also  have secondary colors like brown which makes them more affordable than higher priced diamonds.

- High Priced: These include colors such as pink, purple, blue and green, as well as variations on these colors like fuchsia, violet, indigo, etc. One of the biggest reasons these are high priced is simply because of how rare these colored diamonds are.

- Ultra Rare : Ultra Expensive: The red diamond is considered the holy grail of colored diamonds. The colors intensify and change to colors such as brownish or purplish, but they are in fact categorized as red diamonds. The value of this holy grail is based on how red the diamond is. I20ct of a purplish or brownish red diamond can cost around $300,000.

Examples of these ultra rare diamonds will sell to a diamond buyer for insane amounts of money. In 2013,  a 1.56 carat diamond known only as the Argyle Phoenix, which is an Argyle Pink Diamond was sold for over $2 million. The Moussaieff Red Diamond which was found in Brazil and weighed in at a little over 5 carats was sold in 2001 for $10 million! Don't get too excited though, there are only between 20 to 30 known red diamonds in the entire world.

However, if you have a diamond of any type and you want to sell it or you want to at least look into getting it appraised, you can do so by visiting diamond buyer  Ralph Mueller & Associates.  Visit our website for the evaluation form  where you can input the criteria for your specific diamond, and be given a cash bid on your piece.

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