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Does Shape Really Matter For Quality Diamond Rings?

Does Shape Really Matter For Quality Diamond Rings?

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Does Shape Really Matter For Quality Diamond Rings? All Entries

Does Shape Really Matter For Quality Diamond Rings?

While everyone else is going on about the 4Cs of diamond rings and how important it is to buy from a reputable dealer - there is also something also we should be talking about.  The SHAPE of quality diamond rings.  Did you know that different shapes exude certain styles?  Did you know that certain shapes of diamonds give off certain aesthetics?  Let's talk more about this below.

Round Brilliant Diamonds

These are actually one of the most common shapes for quality diamond rings.  These will also have a brilliant cut which means that the shine on these is outstanding.  Round diamonds are timeless and modern.

Celebrities who have been given round diamond engagement rings: Barbara Streisand and Madonna.

Princess Cut 

This diamond is cut, so it has four corners. You'll need prongs for this diamond so you can protect those corners.  Princess cut are incredibly versatile, so they work with just about any material from yellow gold to platinum.  These diamonds are also more traditional than the round diamonds. 

People who have worn Princess cut include Christine Baumgartner and Jessica Biel.

Emerald Cut 

While these are not as common of a cut, they still play an important part in enabling you to choose quality diamond rings.  This type of a cut has a step cut faceting style - the cut creates a sort of hall of mirrors look and is incredibly elegant.  You'll also see other colored gems using this cut. 

Popular celebrities who have worn emerald cut include Grace Kelly and Kate Hudson.

Cushion Cut

If you have a common or outlandish design for your ring, a cushion cut might be something to consider because it looks good with any design.  This has a squarish almost pillow-like look to it.  Cushion cut diamonds exude elegance and fashion. 

Famous celebrities who have worn cushion cut diamonds are Jennifer Garner and Brooke Shields.

Pear Shape

Also called teardrops, this round and marquis shaped diamond have a narrow point at the end.  This diamond shape is perfect for the women who have a unique taste. 

Some examples of actresses who have worn pear-shaped diamonds are Anne Hathaway and Katherine Hiegal.

Asscher Cut

While the Asscher is similar to the emerald cut, the emerald cut has a more elongated shape - rectangular in shape.  The Asscher cut, on the other hand, is more square.  The Asscher cut also gives off even more sparkle than the emerald cut.  This is a very classic style cut.

While the popularity of this cut died down for a while, they are now becoming popular all over again.  This shape has a very vintage, classic and feminine look to it.  

Popular celebrities who have worn Asscher cut diamonds include Jessica Alba, Zooey Deschanel, and Reese Witherspoon just to name a few.

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