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What Types of Gold Do AZ Gold Buyers Purchase?

What Types of Gold Do AZ Gold Buyers Purchase?

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What Types of Gold Do AZ Gold Buyers Purchase? All Entries

What Types of Gold Do AZ Gold Buyers Purchase?

Chances are if you are in Arizona, you're able to find many options for businesses or individuals who will buy gold. But, what types of gold can you sell to them? Do the pieces have to be unique? Can they have some wear and tear? Does the gold you sell have to be a certain level of karats in order to be worth your while? 

What Type of Gold Is Valuable?

It's important to note, before you sell your gold, that the metal in your jewelry is often made of an amalgam of metals, and gold only represents a certain percentage of that total. It's true that even small amounts of gold are valuable. However, you might have less pure gold on your hands than you think you do. Here's a good rule of thumb: If you expect to get cash that is considered "fair" the gold should be at least 8 karats. Any less and the piece will have very little gold and will, of course, be worth less money.

Gold Chains

Most AZ gold buyers will tell you that chains are the most common type of gold they purchase. It doesn't matter if it's a smaller 8 karat chain or a 24 karat chain. Whether it's broken, damaged or brand new, just about anyone who buys gold will be willing to purchase it from you. 

Gold chains are usually paid by their weight in grams. This can help a gold buyer determine how much of the chain is composed of gold, and how much is composed of other materials. The higher the karats, the more the chain is going to be worth. 

Gold Earrings

Gold earrings are another item commonly seen by gold buyers in Arizona. If you have a pair of gold earrings that are either broken or you simply don't wear them anymore, AZ gold buyers will also purchase these from you. Most gold earrings have significant weight, so if you're looking to make some room for new jewelry or you want to make some extra cash on the side, earrings are a great place to start.

Sell Gold Charms

Charms often get sold because they either go out of style or they simply don't interest the wearer anymore. Gold charms can also be sold to gold buyers. Obviously, the more karats, the purer the piece will be, and the more money you will get for it. Keep in mind, though, that charms will usually have a mixture of gold and other metals. 

Is All Gold Worth the Same Amount?

Although the value of pure gold, unstylized and unmixed, is worth a fairly uniform amount of money that fluctuates according to supply and demand, gold jewelry has many attendand factors that help determine value. The price that an AZ gold buyer will offer you for your gold jewelry will depend on a few things: 

  1. The Spot Price: This is the current price of gold on the market. A store cannot and will not give you more than what they can afford to give you. 
  2. The Amount of Karats: The more karats the more your piece is worth. 8 karats is the very low scale, higher up from that would be 10k, then 14k, then of course 24k. The higher the purity, the more it's worth.
  3. The Weight of the Gold: Gold is bought and sold by weight. Although this might seem like a different factor from #2 above, it's actually roughly the same. Pure gold is extremely heavy. The only other metal that comes close is tungsten. Gold is paid by weight, so if you have more grams you will get more money for it!

If you're looking for a certified dealer to sell your gold, diamonds or other jewelry, contact Ralph Mueller and Associates for more information.